How Darwinism and Creationism Can Peacefully Coexist

My wife and I were in for quite a surprise when we visited a school to determine where to educate our children. Upon our inquiry of the curriculum, the school representative proudly boasted, "We don't teach any of that Darwin stuff here. We adhere strictly to the Bible." I was shocked.

Throughout history, numerous religions have held the belief that we are created in God's image and that the birth of the universe was an act of divine creation. Over 100 years ago, Darwin challenged this age-old concept, declaring that species evolved from single cell organisms to sponges, lizards, apes, and ultimately to human beings through the process of natural selection. Scientists and theologians faced a huge rift.

For the past century, Darwin's theory has been the cornerstone of biological science. I adore the beauty of it, and certainly there is truth to it. However, it is important to note that a computer study of the theory concluded that it couldn't possibly be right because the evolution of species happened much more quickly than the theory indicates. I do not consider this to be a refutation of the theory. However, the revision accommodating this situation is elegant with far-reaching implications.

Modern physicists agree that there is a unified field underlying all existence. Everything in the universe originates from the same one thing. The unified field births an infinitely coherent and sustaining matrix.

Imagine a sandbox. Now imagine running a powerful vibration through that sandbox. You will see a pattern emerging on the surface of the sand. The longer you run the vibration, the more refined and precise the pattern becomes.

Whether we believe they are an act of God or science, a similar set of vibrations run through all of existence. Those vibrations are ongoing, continually permeating all levels of existence with unlimited coherence and harmony. Those vibrations sustain all of existence at every point in creation. As those vibrations run through all of existence, they push biological systems to evolve in the direction of that vibration. It is just like grains of sand in a sandbox conforming to the structure in the vibrations being run through the sandbox.

Merging Darwin's theory of natural selection with the unified field theory accounts for why there have been several examples of accelerated evolution throughout history. Where does that process end? The process culminates in a species that embodies the coherence, intelligence, harmony, and order inherent in the unified field itself. Think of the sandbox. You can keep running that vibration into the sandbox until ultimately a pattern on the surface of the sand becomes a full reflection of the intelligence in the vibration. The same is true for the process of the evolution of species.

Theologians think of the unified field as "God." So, in a sense, human beings were created in God's image. On the one hand, Darwin was right: species evolve through natural selection. However on the other hand, Creationism is correct in that the evolution of those species was in a direction toward the coherence inherent in the unified field. That is to say, species evolved in a direction toward the image of God.

By understanding the role that the unified field plays in the evolutionary process, we can make peace between Darwinism and Creationism. They are two sides of the same coin. Two components essential to the understanding of the evolution of species.

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