This Disgusting Video Shows How Processed Deli Meat Is Made

This Disgusting Video Shows How Processed Deli Meat Is Made

After pictures of "pink slime" caused customers to question how McDonald's actually made Chicken McNuggets, the fast-food giant released a video showing how the popular snacks were created. That backfired when customers grew even more suspicious of the weird meat mix after watching the video.

But if you thought that video was gross, just try watching how sausage, olive loaf and bologna are made. One eye-opening video from the YouTube channel "How It's Made" shines a light on the "old-world tradition" of assembling and producing deli meat.

Processed meat came about due to economic reasons. Manufacturers needed to make use of the whole animal -- including the parts no one wants to eat -- and also needed to preserve the product. Some people now avoid deli meats due to their high sodium content and the fact that many varieties are packed with preservatives, which can lead to heart problems. But we've discovered yet another reason to steer clear: meat looks disgusting when being mixed and molded together.

To further prove our point, here are the six grossest shots from the video:

1. When the sausage meat mixes together like this:

2. Seeing olive loaf plop out of the mixer:

3. Watching this stuffer fill molds with olive loaf goo:

4. When this loaf of pink meat gets flipped over:

5. Watching pepperoni ooze into plastic wrap:

6. Then watching bologna ooze into its casing:

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