How Do I Keep Sex New & Exciting In A Relationship?

How Do I Keep Sex New & Exciting In A Relationship?
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<p>Does Your Sex Life Need a Tune Up?</p>

Does Your Sex Life Need a Tune Up?


No one wants a boring sex life. Yet, if you’ve been in a relationship for two years or longer, it may start to feel just that – boring! Even though you love each other, after “doing it” so many times, it may not feel as exciting as the first time. And since humans form habits easily, it’s completely normal to fall into predictable sex patterns.

Don’t let the familiarity of each other’s touch dupe you. Breakout of your sex rut by trying these simple changes:

1. Have sex at different times of the day

Most couples believe the myth that sex is a night time activity, however science says otherwise…

To get sexually aroused, you need the help of testosterone, estrogen, vasopressin, and oxytocin among other hormones, which so happen to be lowest at night.

Because of this, there’s new research that shows the best times to have sex are morning, noon and 3pm – with 3pm being the best. This is when hormone levels are at their peak increasing the likelihood of a more satisfying sexual experience.

So, if you’re looking to increase the passion in your relationship, give into your hormones and enjoy a nooner!

2. Time for a new room or surface

Relive the early days of your relationship by getting horizontal in another corner of your home. Do you normally have sex in your bedroom or on the couch? Trying a new location or surface may be all that’s needed to spice things up!

If you’ve always fantasized about a particular place, don’t be shy about suggesting it. You never know what your partner might be willing to try. And you know what…instead of asking – why not just go for it!

3. Heighten the senses

One of the best ways to bring passion and excitement into the bedroom is by engaging ALL the senses. Because sex is a full body experience, you can easily enhance things by playing with one another’s senses.

Do this by introducing different textures like soft tantalizing feathers and mystifying blindfolds. This can be a really great way to foreplay and get the oven cooking before you do the deed.

Small Changes Bring Big Results

Something to remember is that you don’t need to overhaul your sex life with giant changes. You can take a sigh of relief knowing no bondage chains, or acrobatic positions are needed (unless you want that).

Keeping things exciting actually begins with small steps. And it’s those small steps that produce big results! After all, when we aim for any transformation or change in life, all it takes is one step at a time.

Now it’s your turn, how do you keep your sex life new and exciting? Are you implementing the techniques above?

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