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How Do I Stop The Hiccups?

You know those questions no one ever seems to know the answer to? Like, how do you get rid of hiccups? What exactly is deja vu? Is chewing gum indigestible?

Our brand new original video series, “Today’s Tweet” -- hosted by Pooja Mottl -- tackles one of these questions each day. The answers are researched by Healthy Living editors and vetted by medical professionals.

Got a burning question? Please, tweet it at us @HealthyLiving. Not on Twitter? Leave it in a comment below.

Tune in every morning for "Today's Tweet!"

About Pooja:

Pooja Mottl is inspiring a contemporary and integrated approach to healthy living in America. Pooja seeks to give individuals the tools and perspective to navigate through the latest food and fitness fads in order to make the best decisions for their daily health.

A chef and certified fitness professional, Pooja has done research, writing and consulting in the areas of sustainable food and nutrition -- a big leap from where she began her career as an investment banker on Wall Street. Pooja currently lives in Manhattan.

You can find her on Twitter @poojamottl and Facebook.