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How Do We Grow?

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If you are interested in growth and development you will have power to evolve and create new patterns. We are conditioned at a young age to build a foundation of complaints, surviving and egotistical thoughts. These are normal for the human species and seem to protect us. Or so we think. If you can not truly look at yourself or allow someone else to give you constructive criticism your growth and development will be stopped.

This is not about being right or wrong. In fact, once we give ourselves permission to be right or wrong we create a pattern of blaming and/or being a victim in life.

As humans we all have conditions of fight or flight when a situation arises. It is easier than diving into the issue to solve it. When a situation occurs that we are uncomfortable with we often fight with the other or run. Where does this get us?

Clear communication and getting to the core of the situation is where true empowerment comes in.

We can be thinking one way and the other another way. We will not know what the truth is until we speak authentically to another and them to us. It is normal to have miscommunications as this happens often. We think what the other is thinking or feeling which could be true or not true.
Unless we open up and reveal ourselves we will be in the same situations over and over.

Have you noticed that most of your issues come up with the people you are most intimate with wether they be your mate, work relationships or family. This is when we revert to our younger self and can feel comfortable coming from a victim-state versus and empowered adult.

When we learn to openly observe ourselves, our thoughts, communication, actions and the impact we have on others we can access true power that benefits you and others.

Being open-minded gives you freedom to hear, listen, learn and grow.

It does not mean that you have to believe or go with what another is saying.

It means by fully listening and hearing another with an open-mind and putting yourselves in their shoes, you can then begin to come from a place of understanding and compassion.

This will give you access to humble yourself and grow and develop. This is when the heart opens and souls connect. Letting go of old patterns, baggage and our ego will bring us the freedom and peace to move forward positively.