How Do We Make Goodness Attractive?

Life is complicated. As time passes and we grow older, we develop coping mechanisms in order to see the world in a particular way. We use tools like social media to shield ourselves from truly feeling or engaging with others because we're afraid of what we might feel.

We're afraid to be kind to one another because we mistake kindness for weakness. We develop tough exteriors to deal with the outside world where harder edges are favored over bleeding hearts. So how, in an age consumed with anger, do we make goodness attractive?

That's the question asked by Ron Parida in his new video. He's created a tone poem, with a voiceover from Mister Rogers, meant to enlighten and inspire others to be better. The last year hasn't been easy on the collective world. We've been struggling to find meaning in a world where life has felt cheap but the remaining truth is: life isn't cheap. Not at all. We need to start doing whatever we can to bring courage to one another, and to let our happiness inform everything we do.

Take two minutes to think about someone who was good to you, really think about it, and pass it on. Cherish kindness -- it's the best thing we have to offer one another.

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