How Do You Know When You've Grown?

If you are interested in personal growth, it is easy to skip right over how far you’ve come and look ahead to where you want to go.

Acknowledging your success is a great way to get where you want to go at a faster pace, because that feeling of accomplishment and excitement puts you in a space for more good things to come.

When you achieve your goals or your intentions manifest is one way to know you have grown. But, living life, and reacting differently to the same situation is a point of growth, as well.

People in the personal development world, and especially those who study the Law of Attraction, will often come down hard on themselves if the same negative situation arises. If that annoying co-worker is still there or your nosy neighbor still peers out the window, you will blame yourself for not being able to manifest those events away.

Don’t fret, you cannot control the actions of others. But you can transform the way you react to any event. So, when that co-worker or neighbor does the same thing they’ve done 100 times before, you know you have grown when they are no longer triggers for you. Instead of having a negative reaction, you laugh it off, or tell yourself “that’s interesting,” or quickly move onto something else – not an avoidance technique – but a seamless integration to a thought you prefer.

Your thoughts will let you know whether you've grown.
Your thoughts will let you know whether you've grown.

 And that is another way you know you have grown – you integrate the good and bad. I prefer the term higher and lower vibration, so you don’t get yourself down when you have a “negative” emotion. Emotions are simply ways to gauge where you are in relation to the event or thought.

At this moment, you are everything you have ever been. You are comprised of your wondrous thoughts, as well as the not-so-glorious ones. When someone else triggers us, it’s because there is something in us, or in our past, that we have not fully integrated.

Integration does not mean that every action taken was a good or higher vibration. Integration means acceptance. For the thoughts and events you would not like to show up again, do not focus on them. They show up when we constantly think about them or we try to push those thoughts away. In both cases, we are still focusing on what we do not want.

Once those thoughts are integrated, they have a place to rest. And this will make room for the thoughts you do want to activate. 

Integration affirmation: I accept all that I am.

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