How Do You See Domestic Violence?

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the National Latin@ Network has supported the "How I See DV" campaign sponsored by the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The slideshow below features submissions from Latin@s and their allies throughout the United States, answering the question "How do you see domestic violence?" Throughout the month of October, the National Latin@ Network encourages Latin@s and their allies to use Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and other forms of social media to express how they see or how they have experienced domestic violence.

Tell us how you see domestic violence. Make sure to use #SeeDV when you post your thoughts. If you wish to remain anonymous, please send your submissions to

To learn more about the campaign, please click here.

Overall, one in four women and one in seven men experience domestic violence. Although the rate for Latinas is slightly similar (one in five Latinas experience domestic violence), Latin@ survivors face additional barriers when dealing with domestic violence. These include immigration status, limited English proficiency, and lack of culturally relevant services. Isn't it time we start talking?

How do you see domestic violence?