How Do You Spell Hip Hop Entrepreneur? Berner

As a veteran of Silicon Valley and startups there are identifying characteristics of being an entrepreneur that I've found exist in successful musicians.

Yes, musicians. Artists.


Because music on a "making money" basis relies on knowing how to do all the things a startup has to do:

1) have a product (a unique one is best)

2) market it (know your customer)

3) enjoy what you do (yes, this is a key thing to have)

4) manage your finances (or go broke).

Not all musicians combine these elements and many never make it to the "making money" part because of it.

However, the successful ones do, because they are in fact entrepreneurs. Their application is music rather than technology.

And once they have the music and elements then we often see other products being offered.

That said, meet Berner.

Berner is a hip hop artist from the Bay Area (San Francisco that is) who has created a mini empire out of his music, water and clothing products. Let's hear his take on business in his own words in this audio interview: