How Do You Transition Into A Career You Love?

This is a HUGE topic that many women contemplate and fear dearly.
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This is a HUGE topic that many women contemplate and fear dearly.

Feelings/Thoughts such as:
  • I hate waking up to go to work every morning
  • I always feel exhausted after work
  • What am I doing this for?
  • I only work to pay the bills
  • I'm not happy
  • I never use my best talents and skills
  • I don't fit in

Are WARNING SIGNALS that what you do for a living doesn't fully serve you nor those around you - that your work is not in alignment with your purpose, passion, and what you're meant to do in this world.

If you're in this situation beyond your 30's, are you doomed to stick to a crappy job that you hate forever?


Can you turn things around to do what you love, even if it's completely different from what you're currently doing, & even though you invested a lot of time and money and hard work into your current situation?

What you did so far is a SUNK cost (simple Economics, you know...)

Will it be a good move in your career?

Doing what you love most will ALWAYS be the best move in your career

How do I know?

  1. Because I've made the switch myself (from a CPA- Finance Corporate professional to an entrepreneur, working with amazing women all around the world, helping them succeed on their own terms), and I've never been happier
  1. Because I work with brave women who choose to change careers on a daily basis and witness the amazing results that it brings in their life and the life of others


1) Acknowledge how important this change is for you, your success, your growth, your happiness, and DECIDE to do whatever it takes to make it

2) Tell your loved ones (spouse, family, close friends, etc.) and ask for their highest support -> It will help you a lot!

3) Ask yourself what you love (and always loved) doing for long periods of time without ever getting bored or looking at the time → That's probably what you should turn into what you do for a living

4) Brainstorm how you can make great 💲 from it (there are always ways, even if you can't clearly see them)

5) Decide if that's working for someone else or starting your own business

6) Does doing what you love require additional skills or resources that you don't have? How can you acquire them?

7) Develop a step by step achievable plan of action

8) If you feel stuck, ask for help (a specialist in your field, a mentor, a coach, a friend, etc.)

9) Start taking massive & consistent action

10) Remind yourself of your goal every single day.

>> Have you ever considered a career transition? Did you go for it? If so, how did it go? If not, what held you back?

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