Choose to Not Follow Your Passion -- You Will Remain Caged

Shee actually never read the book from cover to cover, Shee would simply open it to whatever page her hands chose.

You're sitting at your desk or laying in bed with your laptop open. You check emails and one of them catches your attention. You read the email while a chill runs down your spine. What you do next can either keep you caged within a place you are not comfortable with, or your choice could change your life forever.

Almost a year ago, I was contacted by a global peer network of chief executives and business leaders about speaking at a yearly conference to be held in Hamilton, Bermuda. Up until that point, I had never heard of them. I thought, "Cool, I can go back to Bermuda and have some fun telling some stories... no big deal."

Why did they contact me seemingly out of the blue?

Because someone from the organization read an earlier edition of a book I wrote. This contact inspired me to finish something I started almost two years ago... write the Third Edition of the book because they would be passing out copies to each attendee at the event.

During a dinner on the second night of the event following my talk, I was approached by two glowing humans, Shee* and Hee*. Over the months leading up the conference, Shee told me via email that she had something incredible to tell me, yet wanted to wait until we were both in Bermuda so I could be told in person.

A bit on the anxious side when I would get the emails, but I flowed and let go.

After a walk along the beach alone while thinking the day, Shee and Hee grabbed me by the hand with smiles on their faces. The three of us sat down at a table with Shee speaking words with a smile, "It's time, Greg."

Over the next thirty minutes or so, She and Hee told me a story which can only be described as humbling.

As a writer, when someone lets me know the stories I create are inspirational, motivating, etc, I feel gratitude and joy. Yet, what came out of the mouths of my two new friends was something which left me speechless as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Almost a year ago, the person from the organization who first read my book about love, adventure and transformation, suggested Shee read it. The short book happens to contain poetry I had written to a woman with a fictional name, Muse... the very essence of a caged free spirit who longs for change and dreams of freedom.

Shee was going through a rough time personally and would just randomly open it from time to time reading whatever was there. Shee actually never read the book from cover to cover, she would simply open it to whatever page her hands chose. Guided by her inner voice, the words spoke to her. Shee and Hee fell in love with each of them reading poetry from the book to each other.

Over the course of the year leading up to the event in Bermuda, the two realized they are, in their own words, soul mates and have decided to get married. They both told me that it was as if I wrote exactly what they were both feeling... for them.

How does one respond to that? Can you image how I was feeling as they were telling me the story? I am still processing their words even as I write this piece.

The moment became even more incredible. Shee grabbed my hand as Hee smiled. Shee then spoke words which created a feeling I cannot put into words...

"Greg, Hee and I are getting married next May here in Bermuda and we want you to come back and commemorate our wedding. Your writing has brought Hee and I together and we love you for this. Will you come back to Bermuda next May? Whoever the Muse is, she must be incredible for you to write such words... you must bring her with you."

After allowing my emotions to fully release (yes, I am a man and I cried), I said only what I could say...


Shee's favorite poem from the book which supported her strength.

Do you have a book or another creative venture deep within you? Is your inner voice screaming from within to follow your passion and get it out? Perhaps what you have already, will effect another human or two in a positive way and change their lives. Stop holding yourself back and continue what your soul has already begun. Finish the journey... I dare you.

*I changed the names of the real humans to Shee and Hee in order to protect their privacy. I suppose I could have come up with regular names, but that seemed boring. I have their permission to publish this story with the agreement that I keep their names a secret. I respect their choice and will take their names to my grave if that is what they wish.