How Donald Trump- Trumped America

Whether we accept it or not Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. This was a groundbreaking victory for the Trump Campaign. Many people believed that Hillary Clinton could defeat Trump easily but Trump proved to be a formidable candidate. The Republican Party could not hold Trump down because he spoke the minds of many Americans by defying the logic known as Politics as Usual.

It was obvious that the majority of Americans wanted a different type of President. Trump offered a new perspective by raising issues such as; building a wall around the Mexican and U.S. Border, rebuilding the economy, helping the automobile industry, repealing Obama-Care, dealing with terrorism, supporting law enforcement, and strong policies on immigration. Trump was successful based on his strong rhetoric and his ability to penetrate the hearts of the Anti-Obama people in the United States.

Hillary Clinton made a fatal mistake by telling the voters about continuing Obama’s Legacy. The voters wanted to hear something different from Hillary and this was the main reason why Trump was in a position to win the Presidential Election. President Obama did a good job as President of the United States but Trump’s Anti-Obama message woke up a sleeping voter base that felt empowered by his every word.

Even with all of Trump’s criticism of Mexicans, Muslims, Women, and one disabled reporter he still managed to navigate through a political system which will never be duplicated in the history of the United States again. The ultimate showman Mr. Donald Trump beat the odds and took on the machine like no other candidate has ever done.

Millions of people across the United States are angry as it relates to the outcome of the Presidential Election and this is a result of how Trump actually Trumped America by pulling of one of the most epic upsets in modern day politics. The only event that compares to Trumps upset would be “The Rumble in the Jungle” when Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman.

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