How E-Commerce Changed Our Lives Forever

The most successful e-commerce websites are designed to define clients' needs and expectations, then exceed them by delivering an impeccable online experience. From data management systems to mobile and social optimization, all aspects of e-commerce come together toward a single goal: satisfy the client and earn his loyalty.

According to research, improved e-commerce usability means increased sales. Forrester predicts the industry will account for 9% of all retail sales by 2016, 2% more than in 2011--an incredible evolution, considering that smartphones are still a relatively new invention and most customers still say they're often frustrated and confused by online shopping.

Along the way, innovative and affordable e-commerce solutions have enabled companies like Amazon, Staples and Apple to translate their ideas into successful online businesses. For customers, everything has changed: the way they shop, travel, research and communicate. E-commerce has revolutionized the business world, and now it's reshaping its future. See how, according to Baynote: