How Egyptian Women are Leading The Way With FGM Awareness

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is an ongoing problem for many women around the World. But Egyptian women are helping raise great awareness of both the physical and psychological damage caused by the terrible procedure.

Women during a role-play highlighting issues faced by them, including FGM.
Women during a role-play highlighting issues faced by them, including FGM.

I went on a Press Trip to Egypt recently (read more about it on my blog HERE) and during that trip we visited an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) called the Community Development Association in the village of Naqalifah, Fayoum. The NGO specialised in education for both women and men about important health issues, including FGM - an increasingly more prevalent issue in Egypt and throughout other Arab states.

The education included training for women raising awareness of the issue and a wage for those 30,140 women from the community who decide that they want to help and empower other women, something that is very welcomed as one woman at the centre told us “I get to raise awareness for important issues but also get a wage which is very important to me as I am a carer for my Dad who suffered a bad injury recently”.

These women go door-to-door to show that men shouldn’t practice FGM as it is both physically and psychologically damaging, many of the women signing up to educate themselves and their boyfriends (whom they’re invariably going to marry) to a class about the effects of FGM, with many of the men believing it’s a religious protocol, but in fact the opposite is true - nowhere in the Quran does it say that FGM is accepted or OK.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this approach to such a personal and somewhat hushed issue is great and more women should campaign for this in their community, whether they live in Egypt or not. Go women!

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