How Entrepreneurs Can Create Sticky Ads and Go Local with Bumper Stickers

How Entrepreneurs Can Create Sticky Ads and Go Local with Bumper Stickers
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For most entrepreneurs, marketing is mainly an online strategy that involves writing lots of content, capturing leads, and emailing offers. While these are powerful marketing strategies, it leaves a lot of money on the table. There are thousands of potential customers waiting for you in your own back yard, This article will be the first of a series of ways that online business owners can go local for bigger profits.

How many of you have ever tried bumper stickers to market your business. WHAT? If you haven't, you are seriously missing out on a fun, low cost way to promote your business right in your hometown.

People Are Crazy For Bumper Stickers

In order to understand this bumper sticker obsession, I spoke with Anthony Thomas of Their company prints promotional stickers, decals, labels, wall graphics and bumper stickers for thousands of startups, bloggers, and companies to promote their business.

Anthony said, "We live in a culture that venerates the ideal of freedom of speech, so we use our cars as personal billboards for the ideas we care about. Sometimes it's a sports team. Sometimes it's a candidate. Sometimes it's a principle or cause. But we enjoy showing the world what matters to us and it also simplifies the matter of identifying "fellow drivers" who share our interests."

Let's look at some reasons why bumper stickers are so great for advertising your business.

Mobile Advertising: Bumper stickers turn any car into a rolling advertisement for your business! How awesome that you can be at the grocery story, at the gym, or at your kid's soccer game while your bumper sticker tells the world what you do.

Super Inexpensive: Compared to the cost of Radio, TV, or pay per click ads, bumper stickers the cost per impression of a bumper sticker is a mere fraction of the cost. One sticker has the potential to reach thousands of people in your local community 24/7. That's high power advertising that's budget friendly.

Builds Brand Pride: Raving fans love nothing more than to endorse their favorite companies and causes. Creating a fun bumper sticker is a way for your fans to spread the word about your company.

Creative Freedom: Dare to be outrageous. Say anything you want. There are no advertising restrictions. Your imagination is the limit. Just add a catchy phrase and how to reach you with a phone number or web address. It can be edgy, funny, or cute. Choose a message that stirs curiosity and makes people want to know more.

Targeted Marketing: When you use the language of your tribe, you'll attract perfect customers. Use colors and messaging that is eye catching and truly reflects what you are about.

Bottom line, bumper stickers can help you acquire new customers, increase loyalty and build your brands while having fun.

See how fast and easy it is to go from design to bumper sticker here:

7 Clever Ways to Use Bumper Stickers In Your Business

1) Place one on your own car to make it a moving billboard for your business.

2) Pass them out when you attend local networking groups.

3) Add one as a thank you gift dropped into a product when you ship it to a customer.

4) Give one out as a reward when people sign up for your opt in.

5) Hand them out at trade shows. If your sticker is super cool, it will drive people to your booth just to get one.

6) Mail one as a VIP exclusive when people join your coaching program.

7) Give them out as swag at your workshops and events.

If you are ready to rock out your marketing in a fun way, give bumper stickers a try. Their wild popularity helps you get your message out far and fast. It's a great way to go viral and turn any parking lot into your personal advertising space.

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