How Fashion Mega-Influencer, Ana Cheri, Reinvented The Tank Top

While millions aspire, there are very few influential fashion designers in the world. Even stable incumbents, backed by capital, experience, and a tremendous network, generally struggle to stay in tune with consumer demand. Evolving, nuanced consumer preferences have heightened the industry’s barrier to entry, preventing disrupting new experiments and philosophies from taking hold of the market.

Every so often, however, a new player enters the market to rethink conventional design practices and, ultimately, delivers a far better product.

Meet Ana Cheri, a well-known, published model, who has worked with a host of globally recognized brands and agencies, including Monster Energy, Moskova, the Ultimate Arm Wrestling League, and 1st Phorm. Cheri has accumulated over 10 million Instagram followers, successfully spreading her voice and influence all across the world. She also has developed a vibrant online fitness presence and has become an authority in all things personal health. She recently released her brand new 12 week fitness program that provides high intensity training workouts that help participants lose weight and tone their muscles quickly.

What is most interesting about Cheri, however, above all of her success on social, is her ability to rethink the status quo and challenge typical practices.

This is evident across her line of work...from her branding to her partnerships to her content, Cheri does not settle. So when I sat down to talk to Cheri about her latest work, a fitness training top, I was not surprised when I heard just how detailed and programmatic Cheri was about her design.

The idea was inspired by her own experience as a fitness model. “In my fitness journey,” she says, “I have worn hundreds of different training outfits. As a female, more often than not, the yoga pants I was wearing would give me a camel toe.” A camel toe, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is “an effect created by a pair of pants or shorts that fit very tightly around a woman's groin, drawing attention to the shape of the external genitals.” In essence, it is an unpopular look. No one wanted to be seen out in public with a camel toe.

With no alternatives on the market, many females turn to unconventional means of covering their groin. Before developing her own line, Cheri tried all the alternatives. And I mean all of them.

“I tried wearing a very long shirt,” Cheri recounts, “but then I couldn't see my muscles or my pump while I was training. I then tried tying that baggy shirt up in a knot in the back to show off my booty gains, but I then had to untie it if I want to do any kind of floor work, such as abs or glute-bridges. Not to mention, tying ruined my shirts. And wearing shorts over leggings just is not a cute look in the gym!”

With no functional alternatives, Cheri, like any hustling entrepreneur, decided to build one herself. “Seven months ago I took matters into my own hands and designed these training tank tops (see images attached) to be long in the front for coverage, short in the back to show off my booty gains and added a slit on the side to create a more flattering figure.” The result is a look that not only looks good, but also performs exceedingly well, as all of the first generation tank tops are made from 100% pre shrunk cotton and printed in the United States.

Though Cheri started by scratching her own itch, her training top solution has the potential to become the new standard model for health conscious females around the globe.

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