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How To Fold Fitted Sheets Without Losing Your Mind

Folding fitted sheets is not that complicated, yet it's an often-Googled problem. The issue seems to be with the elastic, which gives an unfolded, unused sheet a weird blob-like shape that can be difficult to handle.

The key, according to lifestyle expert Clinton Kelly, is to find the corners (each is defined by a seam). From there, it's a matter of tucking the corners into each other to create a compact rectangle. Once you have the action down, it's an easy process to master. Check it out in the video above, or follow the GIFs below:

Step 1: Flatten the sheet into a rectangle. Tuck the corners of one short side into the other, creating a smaller rectangle.

Here's a closer look at the corner-to-corner action.

Step 2: Repeat.

Step 3: Flatten the sheet and fold in the elastic edges to create a neat rectangle.

Then, fold into a manageable size that'll fit on your closet shelf.

If this tutorial didn't work out for you, check out this other video that details the ins and outs of folding fitted sheets.

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