How Gallant Dill Made It As a Millionaire Consultant After Dropping Out of High School

How Gallant Dill Made It As a Millionaire Consultant After Dropping Out of High School
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You always hear about these rags to riches stories so I thought it would be unique to share one of my own. No its' not on myself, but it's the story of a young inspiring entrepreneur by the name of Gallant Dill. He was a man that came from broken beginnings who then shot himself up to the penthouse suite.

Dill grew up with nothing, and people didn't expect much from him. In his early teens he was placed in a lockdown facility for troubled teens. Everyone that was close to him expected he'd spend his adult life behind bars. His arms are filled with tattoo's, mostly showing signs of his past in some shape or form.

The unexpected result is that through all of these struggles and adversity Dill never let it faze him. He always dreamt about being successful and has worked his whole life to achieve that status. Dill just chose to do it in a different way than most. Now today he sits in his penthouse looking to inspire the next generation as a millennial mentor.

When he speaks to fellow millennials about going after their dreams and following their passion, he helps people realize that if he can do it, anyone can. A successful young man who was troubled from the beginning is now on a mission to inspire and ignite the next generation.

Sitting there listening to Dill speak makes you think that he has a secret formula to success that others don't. But in reality he's just like you and I. Someone that had a dream and decided to act on that dream.

The success that Dill has accumulated at such a young age of 24 is astonishing. He is the founder of over a dozen companies, with his main one consisting of He also consults for several multi-million dollar companies. It doesn't stop there though, he's been able to create a community of entrepreneurs on Facebook ranking up there as one of the largest with over 60,000 members.

Dill was not formally educated, meaning he didn't attend college. As a matter of fact he dropped out of high school. Instead, Dill was able to take his life experiences and learn from them to now be able to turn that into knowledge he shares with his followers and audience online.

Dill asked himself in the early stages of his professional career why there is a gap between learning and doing? He found that it was more beneficial to do stuff that mattered and learn on the go. This was a technique he found worked for him and he still implements it to this day. Dill definitely decided to go an unconventional route and it's worked for him.

Speaking with Dill made me realize that success really is found in adversity. It's found in those times when everyone is against you, counting you out before the game even begins. Its rising up to fight when others think you didn't have a chance.

"Finding positives within the negatives of life gives you the strength to overcome any challenge or obstacle" says Dill.

In order to really help spread his knowledge further to a wider audience Dill recently launched a course called Consulting Launch Pad. Teaching how to defy all odds no matter where you are in life to build a life and business you can be proud of. Showing that a formal education doesn't have to be for everyone.

He currently only mentors a handful of people but has started to amplify his message to his audience, and 60,000+ member group he has assembled. So if you want to join this group and learn from Dill I suggest you join the group.

Dill may have come from troubled beginnings but he's in a spot now where he wants to spread the message that success is different for everyone. You don't have to go to college and work a job you aren't passionate about.

You can carve your own path in life unconventionally and this is what Gallant has done. All the way from being a high-school dropout to hitting the penthouse suite.

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