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How Goal Setting Can Enhance Self Awareness

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By Stephen C. Rose

This is method of goal setting that draws on psychosynthesis, the ekistic grid, -- originally developed by the late Constantinos Doxiadis -- and common sense.

If we discover what is really on our minds -- in other words, align ourselves with our actual will -- we're in a better position to decide among alternatives. In essence, we are clearing a space for better decisions to emerge.

I bring goals to consciousness by creating a grid which helps me me access what is going on inside.

Write or type the following:


These are, in order:

Me | Nature | Society | Shells | Networks | Pleasure | Financial | Manifestation

Me is my sense of impact on myself in general.

Nature is how an option relates to nature and the environment.

Society is how an option relates to my immediate community and the wider society.

Shells is my immediate enclosure or space.

Networks is how the option relates to my specific relationships and associations.

Pleasure is the personal enjoyment I would derive.

Financial is the economic impact of a decision or course of action. Plus for positive, minus for negative.

Manifestation is how an option looks in terms of self-expression, personal fulfillment, contribution to society.


Options are whatever you wish to consider, from mundane to major.

Establishing one or more choices or courses of action can

-- help you determine what you really want or care about when you are not sure;

-- help you decide which of several options or courses of action you actually would prefer; and

-- help you determine what is going on in you now.


The coming weekend.


Visit folks

Stay home

Sort books

Do nothing

Call Joan

Rake leaves

WRITING THE OPTIONS helps access options that may be on the surface.

In this list, you are clearly more interested in what you would do if you decided NOT to go.

Calling Joan might represent some important unfinished business.

(Often writing the options is all that is necessary to bring what's going on inside to consciousness.)


List your options to the left of the grid categories.

Rate each potential choice from ONE TO TEN in terms of the criteria noted above.

The actual result of doing this grid was that the person determined to take a SHORT weekend -- one instead of two days. And to use the rest of the time to take care of some home business, like calling Joan and raking leaves.

The person clearly felt like staying home but recognized she should probably make the visit.

The grid gives recognition to the spectrum-like nature of the person and of the world out there.

This grid work helps her say a partial No to a weekend away and, in effect, turns her confusion into a Win-Win situation.

What do you do when the grid doesn't seem to work?

Guidance, a form of automatic writing that goes deeper and reflects a greater depth of need.

Goal setting can become a natural exercise to activate and lift up your higher self.