How Google Helped Me Walk Away From an Abusive Relationship

With a little help from Google, I was able to start over.

I decided to start my love life over a year ago when I suspected things with my first serious boyfriend in college were not just normal, fixable problems but actual emotional abuse that needed to end immediately.

Search: Presents to get my first boyfriend!
Search: Is it okay that I only had my first relationship in college?
Search: Is it okay that he doesn't go to college?
Search: What does kissing feel like?
Search: Great conversation starters in a new relationship.

Search: I haven't seen my friends in two months.
Search: Is it normal to spend every waking moment together?
Search: How much is too much school to miss before I lose my scholarship?
Search: Why are we fighting all the time?
Search: Why isn't this fun anymore?
Search: Honeymoon phase.
Search: 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.
Search: Online dating -- does it last?
Search: How to put the spark back into the relationship.
Search: Why doesn't he make time for date nights?
Search: Why doesn't he make time for me?

Search: He doesn't listen to me when I say he hurt my feelings.
Search: Is it normal if he threatens to hurt himself if I leave?
Search: Emotional abuse.
Search: Gaslighting.
Search: Do I deserve this?
Search: Why won't my boyfriend hang out with my friends?
Search: Why won't my boyfriend say he loves me in front of other people?
Search: Am I the abuser?
Search: Am I asking too much of him?

Search: How to be a better girlfriend.
Search: How to compromise.
Search: How to sacrifice.
Search: If he had to convince and persuade me, was that still consent?
Search: Is being tired a valid excuse?
Search: Am I a bad feminist?
Search: My white boyfriend said something racist to me.
Search: Am I too sensitive?
Search: Why can't I take a joke?
Search: Are all artist types pretentious?

Search: My depression is coming back.
Search: I can't stop feeling angry.
Search: How to get out of bed.
Search: I can't stop crying.
Search: How do I fix this?
Search: I need to fix this.

Search: Should I break up with him?
Search: Good reasons to break up with him.
Search: How do you break up with someone you still love?
Search: What is true love?
Search: Am I happy?
Search: Who am I?
Search: Will I find love again?

Eight months later...

Search: How to make sure you're over a past relationship.
Search: How to tell a boy you like him.
Search: Good first date restaurants in Chicago.
Search: Conversation pieces for first dates.
Search: Football lingo 101.
Search: Funny "Star Wars" puns.

Search: What to wear on a first date.
Search: How long to wait before texting him after a successful first date.
Search: He texted first -- what do I say next?
Search: How to ask him out.
Search: Ways to show your new boyfriend that you appreciate him.
Search: How do I tell him I love him?

Search: Meeting his parents for the first time.
Search: Anniversary gift ideas.
Search: Could I find a more perfect person for me?

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