Chris Pratt Said Filming This Movie ‘Ripped Open Some Wounds’ About His Father’s Death

"You sometimes feel regret that you didn’t fully embrace what you had."
Another day, another blockbuster. 
Another day, another blockbuster. 

Most people go to superhero movies to escape reality, but for Chris Pratt, working on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” actually helped him deal with the loss of his father. 

Dan Pratt, the actor’s late father, died in 2014, while Pratt was filming “Jurassic World,” after years of living with multiple sclerosis. But Pratt wasn’t truly able to process his passing until he started shooting the sequel to the hugely popular Marvel space epic. 

“The truth is I ripped open some wounds that had been healing for some time. And I didn’t want to. But I knew it was right for the moment,” he said in a new interview with British GQ. “There are wounds that are never going to be totally healed. It would probably make for a better story if it was some emotional thing that I hadn’t dealt with ... When we face the death of a parent, you sometimes feel regret that you didn’t fully embrace what you had.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.” follows Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord (Pratt), and his merry band of intergalactic misfits as they traverse the solar system in search of Ego, Quill’s father. Back in July, director James Gunn confirmed that Kurt Russell will play Ego, after months of secrecy surrounding the casting. 

The “Passengers” star paid tribute to his father on Twitter last year with a heartbreaking post and throwback photo of a young Pratt and his family.

“Your to do list: 1) have kids 2) play outside 3) teach them to fish 4) take pictures Thanks Dad. Miss you man,” he captioned the pic. 

Pratt has certainly passed on these lessons to his own son, 4-year-old Jack, who frequently makes appearances on Pratt’s and mom Anna Faris’ social media accounts. Just last week the actor shared a video of Jack out in the wild with a sweet caption about his son’s journey from being a premature baby to healthy toddler. 

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