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How Happy Is... 5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Office For Success

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In the second part of our office layout series my focus is on the company office, however even if you don't have an office that you go to each day these tips really will help you with other aspects of your home office as well. So take what you need and pass on the rest.

TIP 1. The Doorway. Let's start with the entrance of your office. Remember how I discussed the entrance to your house in my article 'How Happy is Your Front Door?' Well, in the same way as your house, this is where the energy enters for your company to thrive. For that reason, it's a great place for a fountain inside the reception area or a waterfall on the outside of the building. The water helps bring in fresh energy and can possibly increase the cash flow in to the business.

TIP 2. Fresh Flowers. How much does it take to bring in fresh flowers each week? Not very much, and they really do bring new life in to an office. Put them in the reception area, on the reception desk and on your desk. Visualize new opportunities as you place them.

TIP 3. New or Old Desk? Last week we dealt with the position of the desk, so if you need to have it's position clarified go to 'How Happy is... 5 Ways To work More Effectively from Home.' It is ideal to have a new desk, so that it only has your energy on it. However, if you do inherit one then check out why the previous owner left. If the last occupier was promoted or successfully moved on to a better position then that is good for you. If they were fired, ill or demoted, then to make sure the desk doesn't create similar problems for you, you might want to give it a really, really good clean, then place a new plant next to where you work and if there's space, remember the fresh flowers on the desk.

If you are buying a desk and you don't know what to look for, then let me give you a tip. The best desks have a full front panel, which extends all the way to the floor. These provide complete protection and enhance your status. If you think about the successful business people that you know, nine times out of ten, they will have a desk where the front is covered. If you can see your legs when seated then you might feel more vulnerable in your career. If you already have a desk with no front, you can always cover it with a piece of cloth or think of some other creative way.

TIP 4. Sitting Pretty. As for your chair, well again, the ideal is to have a new one, or to inherit one from someone who was really successful. If you inherit one from someone who was fired or didn't do so well then some of his or her negative energy will be left behind. If this is the case, try to get your employer to buy a new one, or if they won't, it might be worth buying your own.

If you do buy a new chair and are not sure what to look for then go for one that extends up your back at least to your shoulders as this gives you a lot more strength. Again, look at the people who you know to be successful and nine times out of ten they will have chairs that go all the way up their back and most often have a place to rest their head.

TIP 5. Selling from the Front. Always put your sales force at the front of the office, so that they find it easy to get to the front door and are easily connected to the outside world. The back of the office is better for those who need to work diligently inside the office in the day.

That's it for this week, if you want to contact me please feel free to do so at