How Happy is... 5 Ways To Save Your Relationships (Even if You Can't Save Your Money)

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The economic situation can really take it's toll on your health and relationships and it's really up to each one of us to prevent that from happening. Money is important to survive, but your health and relationships are way more important. Whether you have lost your home or your job, whether you've watched your savings, shares or retirement whittle down, or are seriously having to cut back, when you look back on your life this will be a blot on the landscape and while economic circumstances keep changing, you have to keep yourself from being too reactive for too long, from forces outside your control and go back to what is most important and I can tell you right now it isn't money!

TIP 1. Stop Stressing. Your relationship to yourself is most important, so instead of focusing on what has happened to your money or what may happen, focus on what does work in your life. The financial crises will pass, but stress on your body accumulates over time and can create bigger issues depending on where you keep the tension in your body. When you're stressed where do you hold it? Are you prone to backache, neck ache, shoulder pain, stomach ulcers, whatever it is, proactively work on releasing the tension. Make sure you keep active because exercise shifts your outlook and physiology. So, if you feel low, release the tension and go to the gym, play a game of tennis, go running, do yoga, learn to meditate. It's time to be as present as possible, to put one foot in front of the other to make each moment work and look at the blessings that you do have in your life. If you have food, water and somewhere to lay your head, most people in the third world would consider the rest a luxury.

TIP 2. Get Laid. You can't let this passing economic crises affect your sex life. If you have a partner, one of the cheapest and most fun ways to pass the time is to have sex and this is the time when you need to come together as a team. Without sex, a love relationship is not complete. So regardless of your finances you must keep your relationship in a really good place and that means to have sex regularly. - If your health is number one, relationship has to be number two.

TIP 3. Be honest. Not only is it really important to be open about you financial situation with your partner so that you solve it together, but also with your friends. Maybe you need to cut back on going out for diner, but are too embarrassed to say anything, so instead you make other excuses. You don't need to do that with your friends, they will understand and be very sympathetic. You might even find that they are relieved that you said what they were scared to say and will be happy to go somewhere less expensive or out for coffee instead!

TIP 4. Set an Example. If you have children and they see you going through a tough time, but solving it as a team, that is the best role model you can give them. Your partnership is your children's backbone and if they see that their backbone is fused together tightly they will grow up being able to deal with the stresses that life throws at them, because they have seen you solve problems together. So rather than fight about it, try to come to agreements in a way that honors you both. Do not hide things under the carpet, don't blame each other; instead show your children how you come up with new plans and strategies that are positive.

TIP 5. Get the Family Involved. With the holidays coming up times can be extra trying as the pressure to give gifts is huge. Think of ways that you can give a gift that is more about using your time, than digging deep in to your purse. Remember when you splash out on an expensive present, many young children are generally not aware of the cost of things, they will probably be as happy with something that costs $20 as something that costs $80. If they are old enough to be more aware, then let them know what the current situation is. They will very quickly get over the fact that they can't get the latest Nintendo yet, if they see their parents both dealing with the situation positively and are happy together.

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