How Happy is... How To Really Look 7 Years Younger

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Obviously, this could be an article about Botox, collagen, skin resurfacing and face-lifts. However, it's not, because this piece is not about looking younger on a superficial level -- which is only masking what's really going on below the surface -- it's about looking younger from the inside out. All the above techniques have their place and believe me; my theory is, if it's available and you want it, get it. However, from my experience these following five tips are way more powerful, long lasting and profound.

1. How loving are you?
There are billions of people on the planet and everyday we are surrounded by others. It would be easy to divide the population in to two: those who love human beings foremost and those who love animals more than their fellow man. It makes sense that if you are surrounded by something that you love, your face will look much more relaxed and open. I remember seeing a man years ago with a badge on his coat which said, 'The more people I meet, the more I like my dog'. Obviously it was meant to be funny, but I actually felt sorry for him that that was his experience. So, if you are one of those people who do prefer animals to people, it might be worth looking in to why you have that perspective and see if you can shift it to one that is more loving and forgiving to your fellow man, it will definitely show on your face as well as in the quality of your relationships.

2. Let go now! Release any built up anger as quickly as possible and if you have any resentment that has accumulated in your body over the years you need to find physical ways to release it. With an emotion that has as much power as anger, talking it out is not enough in itself, as anger is physical, and contains a huge amount of negative energy that can be very self-destructive. By releasing it, it will soften your facial features. So, without taking your frustration out or putting the blame on anyone outside of yourself, find a physical therapy that releases emotions from the cells and, in the meantime, learn to let go of negative emotions quickly, before they settle in your body.

3. What do you have? Stop focusing on what you don't have and look at what you do have. The whole emotion of wanting, whether it's a car, a house, a relationship, a job or anything else, can be very frustrating and will show on your face. In many ways, it implies that you will not be satisfied until you get that want. So, if you want to look younger then you need to appreciate the blessings you already have. I have in the past discussed the when I 'have' this or when I 'do' this, then I will 'be' happy syndrome. It is so much better as human 'beings' to 'be' happy now, appreciate what you have and have a real sense of peace, regardless of whether you get anything else.

4. Drink lots and lots of water. You need to keep your cells moist and to replace all the water that you lose through out your day. This will help with you metabolism and keep your colon working. (The key to really good health!) You'll see the difference in the brightness of your eyes, the skin under them and in your skin color in general. Also, remember to exercise, as that keeps oxygen (life) moving in to the cells, as well as obviously keeping you in great external, physical shape.

5. You are not alone. Strengthen your spiritual life and the sense that you are connected to all things and being taken care of by a higher consciousness. Sometimes it might not feel like that as you go through hard times, but it will help you have the sense that you are not alone and take some pressure off. It will also help you to be aware of what your mission is here is on the planet and how you make a difference. By knowing that you are making a difference to other's lives, without sacrificing your own, will automatically give your life meaning and take years off your face.

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