How Happy is... How Your Language Can Help You Lose Weight

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Most people are scared of dying so it is no wonder most of us struggle so hard with 'die - ting'. A word like that would scare even those with the best intentions in the world. Then, if we have decided not to use the word 'diet' and instead are talking of 'losing' weight. Well, nobody likes to' lose' anything, do they? So that's not the best choice of words either. And that 'weight' word... Well, in this hypnotized, fast food culture where everyone hates 'waiting' and would rather have everything now and pay the consequences later, 'weighting' isn't going to linguistically cut it.

If the body believes every word you say, which it does, then it is important to be more conscious and chose language that is positive and enticing to aid in your goal for reaching, let's say, 'optimum health'.

What is true, is many of you at one point or another might have put a formidable date in the diary and said. "I'm going to start my diet on Monday" or "next month" or "in the New Year" But by putting a future date in the diary to start to get healthy and in shape is an indication that perhaps you have tried this before, you might stick to your plan for a short period of time, like before, but it is unlikely that you will last for long.

Success is way more tangible if you make a decision and take action immediately and that usually happens when you are so sick of yourself, so fed up with how you feel and look that you can not 'wait' (there's that word again.) any longer and it has to happen now. (A positive example of the 'want everything now' mentality.

My husband is a case in point. During the holidays, he decided that he was going to begin a healthy life style on New Years Day. Now, I am used to him having future start dates and in all fairness he actually does stick to what he says, most of the time, and does reach his optimum shape quickly. But his drive is always temporary (Like wanting to lose weight so that when he goes to Italy he can eat all the croissants, pizza and pasta that he wants and can put it all back on again.) and he has a habit of yo yo-ing back and forward.

However, something happened on Christmas day that made me believe that for the first time it was going to last. There we are watching 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' at a friend's house and I look over and Oliver is clutching the right side of his chest.
"Are you okay?" I whisper.
"Yes." He says. Although, I know there is something up.
When we leave he says, "I have to get healthy now, I can't wait till the New Year. I thought I was going to have a heart attack in there." He obviously failed to realize in that moment that his heart is on the other side of his chest. Must have been all that wine he was drinking!

But there was something different. For the first time it wasn't some date in the future, like usual. It was now, in that instant, that he decided to improve his lifestyle and that's when I knew he was serious. I am sure that the fact that he is about to become a father, that someone he is very close to was not very well at the time and the theme of age reversal in the film, all added to the meltdown. All I know is that he had finally had enough of himself and that this time his language was different. This time, I really got a sense that he was on his way to optimum health and sure enough in that moment his journey began.

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