How Has Digitization Affected My Personal Life & Environment so Far?

1. My wife ticks me off for answering emails during dinner;

2. I am at work for 18 out every 24 hours;

3. I love buying records in the middle of the night;

4. I'm throwing away my CD collection;

5. E-books are never out of stock;

6. Marketing can now be genuinely global;

7. Bloomsbury Reader has rediscovered unbelievable talent among out of print books - e.g.
The White Cottage Mystery by Margery Allingham;

8. New business models stretch the brain more than Killer Sudoku;

9. I'm able to take thousands of photos of my grandchildren and never lose them;


10. The finest invention to my mind is the stapler which allows you still to use paper to read long documents without them blowing around the garden.

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