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How Having a Plan Will Set You Free

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I get asked all the time what the hardest part of leaving corporate behind to move to Costa Rica and start my business was. For me that answer is simple, it was taking the first step. I spent 10 years in corporate as the expert that helped everyone else launch. New programs, new jobs, and new teams. I mentored, coached and planned for hundreds of leaders. Yet when I stepped away from corporate I struggled to do it for myself.

It wasn't until I implemented a family plan for my life launch and a business plan for my business launch that the dots connected. Connecting the dots allowed the path to be clear and organized. The first step no longer felt like a mountain, but small stone.

If you're ready to launch your unconventional life and build that life that creates the freedom you want, you need to have a solid plan in place! Here are a few of my favorite questions to ask clients before we start plan documentation:

  1. What does the vision for your future look like?
  2. What is preventing you from achieving this vision?
  3. How do you want to feel at the end of the day?
  4. What do you REALLY want?
  5. How do you plan to accomplish your goals?
  6. What is it that makes you come alive?
  7. What tools, resources or support do you need to make this vision a reality?
  8. If you couldn't fail, would you start today?
  9. If you haven't started, reflect on why...
  10. If you have started and are stuck, reflect on why...
  11. How will you feel if you DON'T fulfill this vision?
  12. Describe what your Unconventional Life looks and feels like...

I invite you to check out more planning resources on my website. You can also find me hanging out in my Facebook group The Unconventional Entrepreneur.

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