How Healthy Workplaces Are Helping Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO -- Dustin Moskovitz, at 27 the world's youngest billionaire, gained fame and fortune after founding Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.

He also gained the "Facebook 15." He packed on the extra pounds while chowing down on free snacks and guzzling four sodas a day at the social networking giant.

Today, Moskovitz is a svelte version of his former self. He runs Asana, a start-up named after the Sanskrit word for traditional yoga sitting positions. That's fitting since the company holds twice weekly group yoga classes at its San Francisco offices. It also employs a full-time chef who prepares two meals a day for 23 employees and stocks the office kitchen with fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt.

"If the micro-kitchen stocks Coke, I'll drink it," Moskovitz said. "So we don't."

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