How Hillary Can Stop Bernie-mentum

Mr. Sanders' attacks on the Democratic establishment have been powerful both because Ms. Clinton is so deeply embedded in that establishment and because her response, essentially that she is not part of the establishment because she is a woman, is one that resonates with almost nobody. The extent to which Ms. Clinton is tone deaf on this issue is striking as she appears to be recommitting herself to viewing herself as an outsider due to her gender. Most recently, she tried to bolster this perception by having another former Secretary of State and longtime permanent government type, Madeleine Albright, lecture younger women on why they should support Ms. Clinton. Ms. Albright, somewhat unhelpfully warned young female supporters of Mr. Sanders that there is a "special circle of hell" for women who do not help other women. It is difficult to see how talking down to young women, insulting their intelligence and threatening them with eternal damnation will move them from Mr. Sanders to Ms. Clinton.