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How Hillary Can Win Me Back

Don't sell me a softer Hillary, sell me what I know works and gets stuff done: Raging Ass Kicker Hillary.
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I saw it during the ABC/Facebook debate last night. That spark. I SAW IT.

When Edwards and Obama started hammering her tag-team style, she got ANGRY-that's when the Hillary I used to love came back out to fight.

Of course, that Hillary is the one that tends to fire me up while turning others off. That's the Hillary that gets the sexist and conservative voters calling her the b-word and railing against having a crazy woman in power.

That fight I saw in her? It was real. Genuine. It was the kind of thing her campaign was trying to manufacture with those cackles on national television and giggles of a "softer side." Why can't they just admit "Hillary lite" isn't nearly as exciting and commanding as "Hillary pissed and yelling" -- don't sell me a softer Hillary, sell me what I KNOW works and gets stuff done: Raging Ass Kicker Hillary.

I don't care anymore if you hate her for it. You hated her anyway and you'll hate her again. I don't care if she's so far into the establishment she is considered the "same old thing."

Bring back the Hillary people love to hate instead of this Middle-of-The-Road-play-all-sides, rhetoric spewing android Democrat and she'll get me back. Then we can talk about experience AND history. Then we can talk about having the resume AND being the First Woman President.

She was right last night -- a woman in the Oval Office would be huge. But no one is talking about it yet. No one is excited about it yet-why? She's made us forget she could make history by becoming one of the many drones of politics. By becoming one of them. She used to be trail blazer, now she's lost in the herd.

Show me that trail blazer again. Show me the woman who tried to push universal health care while not even a politician. Who, when I was still a teenager, had me reading up on drug makers and their lobby? Who had me proud and excited a strong and vocal woman was injecting herself into the national spotlight in a way no other First Lady has?

Let her loose.

Then all those women and young people the Hillary camp took for granted -- all those WOMEN LIKE ME who have been waiting their ENTIRE LIVES for this just might consider making it happen.

Let her loose.

And hope it's not too late.

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