How I Got Teabaggers to Watch PBS

When you see a Tea Party protest on TV, your first thought probably isn't, "I'll bet these people watch a lot of PBS."

But apparently they do, because now that I'm on PBS, they've complained to the network brass that I'm wrecking their favorite channel.

What did I do to incur their wrath? I suggested that Sarah Palin talks funny.

Now, I didn't think this was a daring accusation. But my "Next Week's News" segment on Palin's inventive use of the English language has touched off the biggest controversy on PBS since that dude tried to sell a Chia Pet on "Antiques Roadshow."

Now that PBS knows that millions of Teabaggers watch PBS, I hope that they'll adjust their programming accordingly. Maybe it's time for Ken Burns to do a fourteen-hour miniseries on Glenn Beck. Or "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Better Not Be in Arizona."

And as for my segment on Palin, I suggest that PBS run it on a loop during pledge week. It may make Teabaggers angry, but it sure makes them watch. And it's better than showing that Peter, Paul & Mary concert again.

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