How I Happily Became a Junkie Again

Before last Christmas, I would look around any room full of people and notice one thing they all had in common. And I mean from my living room to a crowded coffee shop. Everyone was on their phone! IPhones, Androids, it didn't matter, people's faces were lazer locked on their devices.

Now, I'm not judging because pre ALS (and two working hands) I know that I was no different from those screen junkies. I was an email monster, always keeping a pristine inbox. This was before Instagram became the ultimate way to pass the time. Giving hearts to every sunset and sushi roll ever posted! SnapChat, no, there was no such thing.

I would find myself irritated and jealous anyone would see anyone casually pick up their phone and start swiping away. Fully knowing that they had no idea how many muscle fibers are firing away to make that selfie possible. I would be there, in my chair, my arms like Jagger on full display but unable to get my fix!

Well, thanks to the best Christmas present ever, I'm a junkie again! Santa, by way of Elizabeth, Cullen, and Vivian (apparently old St. Nick is outsourcing everything these days) I received a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and a Tobii EyeMobile that I could easily attach to my power chair. I prefer "power chair" to wheelchair. After all, FDR was in a wheelchair, my ride weights 250 lbs and can charge two different devices, including my tablet.

I can talk, text, tweet all from the comfort of my power chair with my freaking eyes! Hell, I can even adjust the thermostat and change the channel on the TV thanks to an app called Control 4. So needless to say I'm back to my old ways, a digital junkie.