How I Learned to Slow Down and Ask the Universe for Help

I was at the grocery store the other day and needed to buy some peanut butter. However, as I walked through the store I could not seem to find where the peanut butter was located. I'll admit it - I was frustrated. I had a hectic day and did not have very much time to spend looking for peanut butter.

I soon realized that being frustrated was not helping the situation. In fact, it was actually hurting it. Right then I decided to slow down, let go, and give up my energy to universe. I closed my eyes and thought about peanut butter. How it may feel in my hands as I place it in my cart. How it may taste in my mouth. I told the universe, "Universe, I would like some peanut butter."


Then, much to my surprise, about four minutes later I saw a store employee stocking carrots in the produce section. I couldn't believe it! I knew it must be a sign. I approached the employee and asked, "Sir, do you know where might I find peanut butter?" His response was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. He said: "Aisle six."


That's right. I asked the universe for help, and it delivered.

I thanked the employee and made my way to aisle six. Sure enough, in that very aisle, sat lots of different kinds of peanut butter. Yes, not just one type of peanut butter, there were over TEN different kinds! The universe had showed up for me in a bigger way than I could have EVER imagined!


Through it all, I learned that when you actually slow down and ask the universe for help really amazing things can happen. For me, it was a store employee knowing exactly where the peanut butter was at the grocery store he worked in. It's truly the unexpected coincidences like these that give life it's magic.


My advice to you? Just let go, ask the universe for help, and see who shows up for you. You may just get exactly what you were looking for. <3

What are YOU going to ask the universe for?! Let me know in the comments below!