How I Manifested My Husband

When I met my husband I had recently been dumped by the love of my life... through an eviction letter. Yup.

I met my husband online five plus years ago, and we've been married for four, are raising a beautiful, healthy and happy little girl, and have two fur babies who love belly rubs.

My husband supports everything that I do, believes I can do no wrong, treats me like a queen and fills me with unconditional love.

He is exactly what everyone woman desires... an excellent provider, husband and father.

How exactly did I manifest such a perfect man?

Easily. I had an unshakable, undeniable faith in this one belief...

There are plenty of great men out there, and one of them is perfect for me.

Men get a bad rep. We hear about a deadbeat dad and start assuming they're all like that. You hear about the one that cheated on your friend and you begin to think all men are dogs. You have your heartbroken and you lose the ability to trust men to love and protect you.

This creates an opposing pattern in your mind. What you think of them does not line up with what you say you want.

You say you want a loving, trustworthy, and loyal man... and yet before you've even given them a chance, you assume they're all douche bags. You put up thick walls around your heart that keeps the love out.

When I put myself back out there, I knew it, in my hearts of hearts, with every fiber of my being, I KNEW...

There are plenty of great men out there, and one of them is perfect for me.

You may be thinking, "But Connie, you don't understand. My last boyfriend broke my heart. My last boyfriend cheated on me with my sister. My ex-husband took all my money and left me." I'm sorry you had to feel that pain, but it doesn't change this truth...

There are plenty of great men out there, and one of them is perfect for you.

Despite the fact that I have a long history of having less than ideal men in my life, I still believed that affirmation to be true. I could've easily lost myself and given up. I definitely had plenty of excuses and no one would've blamed me given my history with men.

My father molested me for over a decade, attempted rape when I was a teenager, my daughter's biological father abandoned us when she was just a baby, and the love of my life dumped me by evicting me. I had no reason to believe that men were anything other than scum bags, but I chose not to define all men by the few that had hurt me.

I chose to believe a different truth instead...

There are plenty of great men out there and one of them is for me.

I believed this to be true. I cemented it in my heart and my mind. I knew without a doubt that a great man was out there for me. A man that would make me forget all the ones that came before him.

And I found him.

So what will YOU choose to believe?