'How I Met Your Mother' Ending With Season 8? Possibly, Say Show's Co-Creators

Is this the final season of CBS's "How I Met Your Mother"? It just may be. According to TVLine, "HIMYM" executive producers and co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are planning on Season 8 to be the last.

“We’re writing this season like it’s the end," Thomas said.

But wait, isn't Season 9 on the horizon? At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, CBS honcho Nina Tassler told the media that she was optimistic about a Season 9. "Certainly [creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays] have a very strategic wrap-up to the show [whenever it does end]," she said. "They know we want the show to come back next year. We're not there in terms of resolving the season. We're in early conversations and we're pretty optimistic."

Series star Josh Radnor told The Hollywood Reporter that many things "need to drop into place" for Season 9 to happen.

"They really need to figure it out because the writers need to know," he said. "They're the pressing issue right now because they have to figure out if they're wrapping up the show at the end of season eight or season nine. [We've] just very recently been approached about that and we really can't say either way right now."

Negotiations are still ongoing, and the co-creators said they would have to come back with the entire cast, but Season 8 is looking like a good end point. "But wrapping it up in Season 8 would be amazing,” Thomas said. “There’s a part of us as writers that [is] drawn to that. It’s exciting. We get to answer everything. Every episode of the season is so much more important because of that. [That's] something sort of thrilling and very nostalgic and sad to think about, but it’d be exciting to write.”

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