'How I Met Your Mother' Pineapple Incident Mystery Is Finally Revealed

We can't believe we waited nine years for this. The answer to the "How I Met Your Mother" pineapple incident has finally been revealed.

Back in April, news broke that a deleted scene explaining the incident, which played out in Season 1 Episode 10, would appear as extra footage on the Complete Series DVD set. Now, Buzzfeed has the exclusive clip explaining just how Ted (Josh Radnor) wound up with a pineapple next to his bed.

Backing up, fans will remember that Ted invited Trudy (Danica McKellar) over after a drunken night back in the first season. When the two woke up, the pineapple sitting on Ted's nightstand is a huge question mark. It became one of the best running gags on "How I Met Your Mother" and was never actually solved ... until now.

himym pineapple

The deleted scene, taken from Season 9, Episode 20, shows more of what happened when Lily (Alyson Hannigan) left the Farhampton Inn and sought refuge in The Captain's (Kyle Maclachlan) house. This is also the episode we find out she's pregnant again. Once everyone calms down, The Captain stops Ted and says, "You stole one thing from me, one thing I can forgive. Steal more than one thing, well, that's another matter." As Ted leaves his house, he notices a pineapple sitting outside the doorway. "It's an old sea captain's tradition to put a pineapple on your porch as a symbol of hospitality." (This is true, by the way.) Turns out, he keeps one at this house and at his townhouse in the city.

Cue Ted's flashback to 2005, when he stole the pineapple from The Captain's townhouse. BOOM. Mystery solved. Watch the whole clip over at Buzzfeed.



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