How I Overcame My Biggest Mistake in Life so Far

It is a mid-June evening in Belgrade and in the National Library of Serbia there are almost hundred young people, still learning for the exam period and seizing the day to the fullest.

The bells of the neighbouring St. Sava Temple, the biggest Orthodox church in the world, have just rang the 10-second chant, reminding us how this moment is precious and how we belong to this sacred area. Belgrade is the city that rose from ashes over 30 times throughout its history from the era of Celts to the age of Zika virus. We are here and now, learning, connecting, existing.

And as I write this in solemn silence, surrounded by the energy of brilliant minds and the abundance of books available to us for such a minimal fraction of the cost, I cannot help but remember my biggest learning in life so far and my biggest youth mistake.

I realized that the ultimate joy in life comes from understanding that life is a process, the tapestry of threads bound together, where some fit in and some fall out of place: people come and go, events do not turn out as we would like to, we plan for the best, yet have to set for the worst. If we try to rush life, control it, get angry about it, it will run away from us. If we embrace life, breathe deeply into it and accept it as a wonder, we will be the richest people in the world in a split second.

The only certainty in life is uncertainty, and I who did not choose to be born and you dear reader, who did not choose that either, have been given the most precious present: the life, without even asking for it. And yet we squander it too many times every day: when we complain over the things we cannot change such as weather or other people; or when we worry about the future instead of setting out with determination that we will give our 100% best and that we will leave the rest to Fortune.

In early 2000s when Australian diva Kylie Minogue was back on the world-class stage, she said in one of the interviews that if she had asked for a coin every time somebody commented how short she is, she would become a millionnaire even without focusing on her career so much.

I wanted to conclude a similar experiment, and maybe this article would trigger the movement, yet this time people would need to donate a coin in case they complained. Just imagine: you complain about the things beyond your control or you complain just for the sake of complaining and you need to donate. And here is the most compelling cause to crowd source our resources and potential complaints, helping another human being continue her life.

Lizzie Park is an exceptional Australian business woman, the mother of two children and three times cancer survivor who now embarks on the next adventure: collecting USD 60.000 to continue the life-saving treatment in Germany. She managed in a week to collect half of the money and to reach her ultimate goal she needs your help.

I encountered Lizzie over the screen when we connected to help her with crowd funding strategy. As I was running in one of Belgrade parks and reading her message during the rest time, I have realized that the secret to living is giving and that I must help this woman so that she continues living and giving to family, friends and community. This precious gift of life we have is so much important that if we have the health we are the richest people in the world and Lizzie taught me that, exemplar and virtuous in her actions.

Donate for Lizzie Park
and pick up some of the rewards, consultancy hours and treatments, especially if you want to heal yourself. Fall in love with your life, imperfect and magical and change what can be changed: you, the one and only. And once you change, everything around you will change, too.