How I Redefined Beautiful

My journey of defining beauty was once like walking down society's pre-paved path heading nowhere. Every step I took down society's path left me empty and lost. I lost weight, gained weight, wore more makeup, and then less makeup while keeping my ear closely to the ground so that I could hear where beauty was going next. No matter how I looked on the outside or how many compliments I received, I still felt ugly. It wasn't until I switched my focus to what mattered most that it truly dawned on me that beauty was in what I did, not how I looked.

I healed the pains of my past that had driven most of my actions of self-destruction and negativity, which led me to my breaking point. My reflection couldn't hide what I felt most about myself. I didn't see what most saw; I just pretended to. I was good at it.

Through healing, the natural passion to help others heal became what I felt was my calling. I left the path of my past, began to pave my own, and found my purpose because I could now look in the mirror and see someone beautiful. I discovered that beauty is in your being, and what you are can be everlasting. Since being is not a trend, I never have to change. I just have to be.

Is this path easier? It beats following society's path -- changing with every season as if my body is a product, a clothing brand, a trendy color, or allowing it to determine how I should feel about myself this year. But, to be honest, I still struggle with my outer appearance. However, I am no longer at war with what matters. I am and will always be beautiful.