How I Show My Pride as an Ally

How I Show My Pride as an Ally
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Pride Month has been full of beautiful moments celebrating the LGBTQ community... Justin Trudeau was caught rocking his rainbow socks and high-fiving mini Wonder Woman. Facebook added a rainbow reaction so everyone can annoy their bigoted family members show their pride. Some companies have released some really spectacular ad campaigns.

Personally, I can’t check any LGBTQ boxes. I’m a cis, straight mom of two young kids. I can wave a rainbow flag and call myself an ally. But as the month concludes, I've been reflecting on how I can show my support and love beyond attending a pride parade or changing my Facebook profile picture for the month. So, this is how I promise to show my pride this month and always:

I will always be so proud of the LGBTQ community. Look at how far you’ve come. You fought like Hell to get every single right you have today. The LGBTQ community is compiled of some of the strongest, kindest, brightest, most hard-working, compassionate people we’re fortunate enough to have in our society. The intrinsic amount of respect and admiration I have you is unmeasurable. You have so much to celebrate.

I will check myself. I know and understand my privilege and how that limits my ability to truly know and understand your experience and struggles. I will listen. I will speak with you, but I will be mindful not to speak for you.

I know the fight is far from over and I know it’s not my fight. You’re in the ring. I’m on the sidelines telling you how you’ll gonna eat lightening and crap thunder. But I will do everything I can to support you and join you in the fight. I will call my representatives in congress. I will support organizations supporting you. I will stand against discriminatory actions. I will enthusiastically cheer when love wins because it always does.

The LGBTQ community has endured horrific hardships and heartbreaks. It may have been decades since Stonewall, but shattering incidents of violence still occur far, far too often. You deserve to be yourself without fear of repercussions. I will fervently defend your right to safety. I will always stand against violence, bullying and unfair treatment. I will comfort you when you’re hurting.

I will serve as a sanctuary if you’re ever feeling unsafe. Know that I greet you with compassion. Whether you need an escort to the bathroom or simply someone to listen free of judgment, I am here. You are not your sexual orientation, gender identity or any other label to me. I see you for the beautiful person you are. I accept you for you and you can count on being safe with me.

I will always treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. I will always demand equality when there is inequality, fairness when there is unfairness and justice where injustice exists. I refuse to tolerate bigotry and ugliness. I will always promote equality and love.

I understand the responsibility I have as a parent. I will always unconditionally love my children no matter who grow to become or whom they love. I will raise them in a loving environment free from intolerance. I will teach them to access others by their character without other qualifying factors. I will express extra compassion to LGBTQ youth, especially those who are enduring bullying and estrangement from their families. I will do everything in my power to give the next generation the tools to make this world a more inclusive, loving, better place.

Although Pride Month will soon end, my support and love for you all will not.

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