How I Went From College Grad to Full-Time Freedom Hacker: Step-By-Step

Over the last year, I didn't always know exactly what I was doing. I just knew that I was meant for more and took a few MAJOR leaps of faith.

In between those leaps, I stuck to my dreams, took tons of tiny right actions and now everyday, I get to live my dreams.

As you will see, it doesn't have to take long. In a matter of a few months, I have designed, created and launched my dream career:

Phase 1: Say "hell yes!" when it's a "hell yes!"

January 2014 : I go to Singapore for my last semester of university on student exchange. I pack two full suitcases, because I'm ready to stay in Southeast Asia if I find a job.

February 2014: I am inspired to invest $2000 of my own money into this high-end online program for entrepreneurs. It's a lot of money for a student but something in my gut tells me I HAVE to do this.

I have a feeling that it will forever change the trajectory of my life. If I do this, my future will never be the same.

Two weeks later, my university sends me a $2000 bursary out of the blue.

Okay, universe, I got the message.

I am on track.

March 2014: I spend every waking moment engulfed in learning about blogging, websites and techy stuff. My Facebook newsfeed becomes flooded with other brave souls who are building online empires and suddenly, I'm not so alone.

I pass up trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia to stay in my dorm room and learn about online marketing.


April 2014: I get the idea to build a website was that will be a guide to show millennials how to follow their passions and it into a career that truly lights them up. I the domain name for, and my own name, just in case.

I finish the last exam of my university career. Within days, I'm on my way back to Canada because I'm not sure idea what to do with myself.

All I know is that I have burning passion to build this website and start a movement.

Phase 2: Committing To The Dream

May: I start my weekly newsletter and blogs to 50 subscribers. I speak at my old high school about the travels I went on in university. #fullcirclemoment

I have nights where I wake up in a panic because I'm dreaming about my website and all that I have to do.

June - July 2014: I launch my full site with I deal with lots of techy things and realize that techy stuff is not my forte. I write, design and speak some more. I spend a tiny portion of each week looking into jobs.

I'm hesitant to get a full-time job because I want to have the time to build my website and community. I just know that I'm not meant for a 9-5 career.


August 2014: I land a few more speaking gigs around Toronto. I keep blogging, vlogging and learning. Serendipity takes over and I meet the guys at a hip design studio. They want to pay to do exactly what I love.

Phase 3: Going All In

September 2014: I make another big, inspired four-figure investment into an online program, and this kicks me into high gear. I rebrand my website and switch my website over to I get featured in several podcasts. I do my first webinar and create my first online program. I have 700+ people sign up for my webinars and I realize I'm onto something. I debut my first article for The Huffington Post.

October: I launch Zero to Network, my signature online program and show other young people how to network their way to their dream gigs.

I hire my coach and realize that 1) I LOVE coaching and 2) I am meant to be doing this. I keep doing free webinars and reach 1000+ subscribers.

I officially graduate from university and get my two pieces of oversized paper (aka degrees).


November 2014: I launch The Freedom Career coaching and start mentoring more millennials one-on-one. I absolutely love helping people get breakthroughs and I realize I'm freakin' good at it too. I get trained in EFT and learn to conquer my fear gremlins.

December 2014: I reconnect with an old classmate and I realize that I am already making it happen: I am living my purpose.

One of the intentions behind my website was to be a beacon of light. Back when I was in traditional business school, I had inkling that many of my peers in also wanted to follow their passions, but they just didn't know how. There was too much pressure from the system to get a traditional job and take the safe route.

My intention with my website and business was to show young people that it is possible. There is a way to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. Now I am SURE of it because I've done it.

I now have a thriving freedom business and amazing community of 1000+ awesome dream launchers who inspire me and push me to be a better person everyday.

I am creating a location-independent life, where I can travel, work from anywhere and make in impact on people's lives all around the world.

Freedom Is a Decision Away

The first thing you need to do is DECIDE that you are going to pursue the life of your dreams. Resolve to take those leaps of faith for yourself. Your life can be so much bigger than you planned for.

LIFE starts you let go of the "plans," allow yourself to dream big and just follow your passion.

I have learned and have experienced that when you are living your purpose, the universe will provide everything you need for your journey.

I've learned that dreams don't have to take long to come true, but they do take a steady dose of belief, faith and inspired action. When you take inspired action, you will be inspiring thousands others. Trust that the good that you put out into the world will come back to you in every direction.


It IS possible to figure out your passion and turn it into a paying, freedom-based career doing what you love. It doesn't happen overnight, but it doesn't need to take long either.

When you start to invest in dreams -- be it through time, money or energy -- opportunities will open up that never existed before.

I will be the first to admit that there were times when I was petrified out of my mind. This year, I learned how to deal with the fear head on. This is actually one of my proudest accomplishments.

My life is not controlled my fear anymore. Now fear will never stop me because my life mission is so much bigger than my fear.

Whatever lies in your heart and soul, start it in 2015.

Start, and you will realize you have the strength to conquer all your fears.

I want you to send me a timeline in December 2015 just like mine -- one that is filled with extreme highs and lows -- because those building blocks of a dream worth pursuing.

Now I want to hear from you!

What are you goals and dreams for 2015?

What is one tiny right action that you can do to set your dreams in motion?

Tell me in the comments below!

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