How I Wrote a James Bond Music (in My Dream). The Rise of a Writer

This is not what you think it is.
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This is not what you think it is.

Ever seen any of the James Bond movies before?
The last Bond movie I saw is Casino Royale...about 4 years ago.

And then it happened some few days back...
I heard the lyrics of the music of a new James Bond movie in my sleep.

This is not fiction and it happened about two weeks ago.

I don't know the story line of this movie neither do I know the title of the movie but I am sure of what I heard and saw.

It has the same traditional Bond style songs sound. Soft, sensual and filled with intense suspense. Of course, it was sang with a feminine voice and the words are ringing in my head every time.

These are the first two lines of the music:
"Business is running...privates are turning...what are we gon' do about all these" (loop).

Does this make sense to you?

As a freelance writer, I kept pondering over these words. Several thoughts ran through my mind.

"Is this the big break I have been waiting for?"

"Will I be guest writing one of Ian Flemming's famous books?"

"My song might win the Oscars one day!"

"I will finally be famous"

This is big!

Then I started thinking about the "buts"

"I have never scored a musical piece before"

"I don't have a musical background"

"My skin colour is black"

"I don't live in Hollywood"

"Can I do this?"

"I don't..."

Stop it!

I just had to stop myself there.

I have always believed that my imagination equals possibilities. If I can think it or even dream it, then I can achieve it. The only person who can stop me is ME. And I don't ever see that happening.

Then I started thinking about what these words meant.
"Business is running, privates are turning. What are we going to do about these?"

Then I started sleeping more hoping that I will dream about more lines of the music. I must make this movie happen and I so much believe in myself.
I was not sleeping more intentionally but because I had to.

I came up with different concepts (pretty exciting concepts) and story lines...
I can't just wait to score my first James' Bond music.
The truth is that I am expecting my invite into the Bond movie empire (in my dreams you say?).

In Daniel Bryan's voice, "Yes...yes...yes..."
And talking about the perfect gift for me in the year 2016... Call me a dreamer because I am a dreamer.

Enough of me, let's talk about you.

What have you dreamt about?

Are you a dreamer? Do you have great ideas to share with the world or something that will change the world?

What is your big dream?
Don't be afraid. You have every right to be here as everyone else.

What are the possible things that can happen when the world knows about your dream?

These are the possible answers that I can think of:

One: The world will laugh WITH you.

Two: Your dream will become a reality.

Three: You will be free of your fears.

Four: You will be bold to dream greater dreams.

Five: You have an opportunity of changing the world.

Six: You are at peace with yourself and your environment.

Seven: You will learn something new.

Eight: You will become famous.

Nine: You will become a better person.

Ten: You will be satisfied.

All these and many more!
Don't focus on the negatives but instead focus on the positives.

Think about these: "The optimist will only see opportunity in every challenges ".
Who are you? I am an optimist.

Always see the glass as half full not the other way round. Be an optimist. And always remember that your imagination equals possibilities.

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