How I'm Using Live Content After I've Created It

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I’ve been doing the Facebook Live experiment all year and this is how I'm using that content to support the other parts of my business. Whether by repurposing or driving traffic or promoting things, here’s some ideas on what you can do with your live content.

Use Your Videos to Drive Traffic

First and foremost, I'm using my content to drive traffic. After I go live on Facebook I upload the video to YouTube. Because guess what, guys? YouTube's totally a search engine, okay? It's the number two search engine in the world, and it's owned by the number one search engine in the world, so use it.

Make sure you add keywords, and a cover graphic. Title your video well, so that the legs on it, life-wise, are as long as they can be. Make your content findable, not even necessarily searchable, but findable, to drive traffic. Make sure you're including a call to action. Whether that’s a free opt-in, subscribing to the channel, liking the page, purchasing something, reading a blog post, listening to a podcast, or watching another video. Whatever your next step is, use your video to drive that traffic, as searchable content.

After I upload my videos to YouTube, I embed them on my website, to add extra new content on my site. So, again, we're driving traffic.

Repurpose Your Video Content

Number two, I’m repurposing the content. After creating my live video, I pull the audio out and make it a podcast. Then I transcribe the audio and put it up on LinkedIn Publisher. Sometimes I edit the transcript into a guest post for another blog. I've even had requests to embed the video alongside some content as a guest post. Use your content in as many ways as you can.

I have a couple of clients who build their whole piece of content straight out of doing a Facebook Live. They'll do a Facebook Live, and then a transcript is made, and the audio is pulled out. On their website, they actually have a video, an audio, and the written blog post. So no matter how you want to consume the content, it’s there.

This gives them the initial social benefits of doing the Facebook Live. They get the content creation done. They get the SEO factor on YouTube, and on their website. They're getting all of the magic of iTunes from doing a podcast. They're making sure that their content is doing all it can.

Create a Custom Audience

Third, you can create retargeting ads to people who watch your Facebook Lives. This is a big thing I’ve started using for my business. I promote my membership community to the same people who are watching my Facebook lives. These retargeting ads offer a challenge, a webinar, a checklist, or some type of freebie. Then we follow up with an email sequence that promotes my membership site. This allows us to qualify leads for ads, so we’re not spending as much on our ad spend.

Creating a custom audience from your live videos allows you to target a really specific audience of people who are already investing their time in you. So use it as a way to qualify leads for ads. Use it as a way to cut your Facebook Ads budget down because you're targeting a smaller section of people who are more qualified. You’ll spend less money, and you'll see higher conversions. That's where the magic is, people.

That’s the quick and dirty of what we're doing after we have a Facebook Live, after we produce live content.

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