How In Touch Could Have Faked J.R. Rotem's Confirmation

So In Touch has just issued a statement showing photo "proof" that J.R. Rotem confirmed their Britney pregnancy story before they ran it.

Not to be a cynic, because taking a picture of a text message on a BlackBerry should totally count as evidence of something, but it's also REALLY EASY TO FAKE. For instance, I changed one friend's name in my address book to "Britney Spears" and...

Voila! We have our confirmation. AND photo "proof" that Britney Spears is using meth while pregnant with J.R. Rotem's twins.

Kinda makes you question In Touch's original photos, huh?

UPDATE: An In Touch spokesperson has issued the following statement:

In Touch Weekly is 100% certain it was JR Rotem we were texting and speaking with. When you read the next issue of In Touch and see the length of the text conversation and subsequent phone conversation, it will be clear to the reader that JR Rotem was not joking. A joke doesn't go on for 49 text messages.