How iPhone App Can Boost Your Business Revenue?

How iPhone App Can Boost Your Business Revenue?
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iPhone App for Boost your Business
iPhone App for Boost your Business

A business today may consider digital presence just as the part and parcel of its regular business process but it took so many strenuous years to come to this juncture. Businesses until few years before looked at the web with the same kind of suspicion that the first generation of computer users used to encounter. Well, those days of ignorance are finally over and we live, breath and act in a world dominated by smart phone. But can you name one high-tech brand and a platform that always had the pride of place in the business circuit or high-end sophisticated users? Nobody would think twice to name Apple and its smart phone operating platform iOS to reply to this, right?

In spite of the larger market share of Android, when it comes to creating revenue and business value iPhone beats all other mobile platforms by a far and wide margin. As for qualitative focus, Apple’s App Store has stricter guidelines for approving an app and is most competed by all major apps vying for a robust mobile presence. There are credible statistics that prove the dominance of App Store in the app marketplace. Till date, iPhone and iPad combined together generate more revenue than the total revenue produced together by all other platforms including Android. Naturally, for business owners iPhone represents the most lucrative platform to shape and nurture their mobile presence.

iPhone apps can boost business presence and increase business return more assuredly than other platforms. There are several other reasons to it. First of all, by offering proprietary OS for only iPhone and iPad users, Apple enjoys the patronage of a consolidated market, while Android stands as very fragmented and dispersed.

Secondly, being the first ever producer of a multi-touch smart phone, Apple is the pioneer of app marketplace and has seen the total evolution of smart phone while playing the leading role in advancing technology and setting standards. Naturally, for any business-focused app trying to make a robust mobile presence, Apple remains automatically the first choice. Moreover, having the pioneer status among smart phone brands Apple could build a niche audience who irrespective of the increasing proliferation of device ecosystem based on Android could remain admiring adherents of Apple.

Do you know iPhone and iPad are most preferred devices for using paid apps? Do you know average Lifetime Value (LTV) of an iPhone or iPad app is at least a few times higher than its closest competitor, Android? Naturally, for any business, having iPhone app is a solid step towards a business-focused mobile presence. An app does not get the nod of approval in App Store unless it is built without performance glitches. So, with an iPhone app, you actually get exposure to quality users capable of spending more.

Let us now introduce some of the key reasons iPhone apps can boost your business.

In-app purchase

Any business can take advantage of this whether it is selling products or services. Especially, with a high-spending user base as that of iOS apps, your in-app advertisements, and promotional materials get more activities than elsewhere. Through an in-app offering, a customer can be led to buy goods, order a service, reply to survey questions, respond to promotions, go for membership subscriptions or just buy another app.

Localized push messages

iPhone and iPad together embraced the most sophisticated location technologies much earlier than Android and others. iBeacon, the tiny location sensors that practically revolutionized retail in many countries was developed specifically for iOS and later on moved onto other platforms. With an iPhone app representing your retail store and having iBeacons installed strategically around your business premise, you can easily send your customer to push messages with product updates, promotional offers, etc.

Integration of the third party APIs

Being the pioneer smartphone brand offering the greatest legacy for future innovators and developers worldwide, the platform is most frequently targeted by developers and tech communities worldwide. The robust volume and diversity of third party APIs offered by the community of developers open up a lot of possibilities for various apps to integrate functioning and feature set as per their requirement and integrate other platforms, business channels, and avenues.

Mobile marketing

As a business you want to build a solid reputation around your digital presence, right? Well, you already have a business website and almost every business around you have pretty much the same thing. So, simply by having a web presence you cannot add to your credibility. On the other hand, when having a mobile app for your business you can easily target Android since getting published in Play Store seems not to be a challenge at all. In complete contrast getting your business app published on iOS platform may be challenging and may involve a lot of creative focus. But just because of the challenge involved App Store is a quality marketplace for deserving apps and naturally by securing your place over there you give your business a better exposure and give your brand credibility. This is precisely why a majority of the renowned corporations and promising startups always begin their mobile journey with an iPhone app.

Apple Pay

Like many of its ahead-of-time strides in making the mobile landscape richer, Apple first introduced its proprietary mobile payment technology called Apple Pay, a technology that allows you making transactions through your iPhone or iPad device. Instead of swiping the cards in payment terminals you can just pay the bill through this highly secure payment gateway. If you have an iOS business app allowing integration with Apple Pay, the customers who use iPhone or iPad will appreciate the ease in transacting through this method.

The wearable presence with Apple Watch

Apple Watch ever since its launch broke all records in the volume of shipment and is the most popular wearable device as of now. The breathtaking truth is, any app having an iPhone app can easily build an Apple Watch app for making their app even more accessible through this smart wrist-hugging device. Wearable represents one of the most promising tech horizons and having already an iPhone app a business can easily make a wearable presence.

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