How Is Your Life Going? 3 Reasons You May Be Struggling

I happen to strongly believe that when good people suffer greatly, it means they have a great destiny and mission in this lifetime to fulfill. It isn't enough to just talk the talk, we have to walk the walk and put ourselves in other people's shoes if we are meant to make a huge difference in this world.
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How is your life going? Do you feel like you've been doing everything right? You help those who are less fortunate, you are kind to animals, and you are definitely all about world peace. Yet you struggle through life and watch as others, who do not have the pure, loving heart that you have, enjoy happy and prosperous lives, and you think to yourself, "Why me?"

Well, I happen to strongly believe that when good people suffer greatly, it means they have a great destiny and mission in this lifetime to fulfill. It isn't enough to just talk the talk, we have to walk the walk and put ourselves in other people's shoes if we are meant to make a huge difference in this world. I feel that there are three reasons why we are elevated to levels of glory and purpose through our life experiences of discomfort, uncertainty, and pain:

1) Necessary Preparation

Has it ever occurred to you that because of who you are and who you are supposed to be, that you were hand-picked and are somehow being groomed for a position of grand significance? And that, having to truly experience certain feelings at a very deep level, to the core of your soul, is a prerequisite for that particular "job" on the planet? That something you don't see and can't imagine with your human brain is being lined up for you in the very near future, but without first living through a specific challenge and really understanding what it is like, would you be prepared to handle creating a solution to it or be able to help others who are also dealing with it?

Recognize that every major charitable organization in the world was established because of someone's deep and fearless determination to put all of their focus and energy into an issue that had profoundly affected their lives. Just look at the founder of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Candy Lightner... She lost a daughter to a drunk driver, which ignited her passion to change the world in a very positive way. She was the one trusted to make something new and good out of her pain. That pain brought her into the fullness of her destiny.

Maybe you have always had a comfortable life, never worried too much about money, but now, your wealth is in question... Perhaps you should ask yourself if we are in a new age when it is imperative to know and feel and understand what it's like for people who can't pay their bills. Maybe it's a test of your compassion for your fellow human being. Possibly feeling the pain of someone who has been scraping by their whole life is what is required to prepare you for the responsibility of great prosperity, which you are to use to bring momentous change to the fairness of our monetary system, or to bring attention to how we treat one another whether a person has money or not?

Pain in every form has a purpose. When you experience great pain, you need to get ready for a new level with new opportunities. Trust, have patience, and see the lesson, and all will be shown to you.

2) Appreciation

At some point, all of us have taken our blessings for granted. You have a job, a home, healthy children, money, a faithful spouse, etc., but do we really think about those things as the big deal that they are? I would say probably not as much as we should.

If everything is always rosy, how can we ever appreciate all the good in life? So, when some part of our lives that we have been taking for granted is suddenly taken away -- our health, our money, our marriage -- there is a major lesson there. Through hardship we learn to appreciate every little thing in life, don't we? Every inch of our day-to-day existence becomes important. We become mindful and grateful and sometimes the lesson is so big for us that we NEVER take our blessings for granted again. Maybe the experience of a health scare or potential breakup or even the threat of divorce has lifted anger and resentment towards another person off of you because you now appreciate the importance of having them in your life?

Could this be another way that the Universe, God, a Higher Power is entrusting you with a grand mission? And because you have learned how precious the gifts of life are, you are now able to handle the responsibility of what will be given to you, unlike before you felt the discomfort? Keep an open mind and recognize that there are no accidents. You are being elevated in consciousness whenever you gain awareness and realize something new about your life.

3) Removing a Crutch

The material world that we exist in is full of crutches for us to hold on to. What I mean is, there are things that we rely on that do not come from within, but have their basis in the external world around us. Maybe you are using something or someone in your life as a type of "security blanket" that you are supposed to detach from in order to be forced to make changes in your life and depend on your own innate abilities and your faith in the unseen.

Most of us have some kind of crutch or security blanket that tends to allow us to avoid living up to our full potential. Our lives may require a bit of letting go and some uncomfortable feelings of loss to bring about our highest good. Perhaps you have been too focused on accumulating all your "stuff," or maybe you've been too dependent on another person for your needs. This type of behavior leads to complacency -- staying in the same place in your life from year to year and not moving forward to where you are destined to go. Sometimes a little suffering goes a very long way in propelling a person into their greatness.

So how IS your life going? Is it possible that one or all of these reasons resonates with you in your current circumstances? Have you already lived to tell about a situation that happened in your life and can help a person who is going through something similar right now? Either way, the unpleasant side of life gives us a lot to feel and think about, but I guarantee, we are stronger, wiser, and better human beings because of it.