How Israel is Wrong and the Palestinians are Misguided

In my mind, there are two fundamental problems with what the Israelis and Palestinians are doing. Israel is occupying the West Bank (and effectively Gaza because they control the borders, the airspace, etc.). What are they going to do with it -- hold on to it forever? Obviously they have to address this enormous injustice. And the Palestinians have been headed in the wrong direction for 60 years. As I explain in the video below, violence will never get them what they want:

Mandela, Gandhi and King were not just non-violent -- they were bold. They took the fight to their opponents, risked their lives and put everything on the line to get what they needed -- justice. It's not just that they were heroes for being non-violent, they were also heroes for accomplishing their goals. They gained the freedom for their people that the Palestinians have been looking for this whole time. Isn't it about time they considered this approach -- not just because it's more moral but because it works?

UPDATE -- Israel killing Hamas leaders and their family, as they did today, is deplorable. And invites retaliation. It makes our argument of non-violence to Palestinians so much harder when they are faced with such ruthless violence on the other side.

Imagine what American reaction would have been if Hamas had just killed one of the top Israeli leaders -- like Tzipi Livni -- and her family. No one can honestly say that we would have the same reaction of indifference.

They would be called butcher, madmen, terrorists. Even if you are a hard-core Israel supporter no matter what they do, you have to agree with that. Hamas would be called terrorists for that same exact action. The double standard is sickening.

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