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How I've Helped People Get (And Stay) Motivated Toward Their Weight-Loss Goals

Oh, it's the question I've heard most often for the nearly 40 years I've been encouraging Americans to lose weight and get in shape. "Richard, can you motivate me to lose this weight?"
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Oh, it's the question I've heard most often for the nearly 40 years I've been encouraging Americans to lose weight and get in shape. "Richard, can you motivate me to lose this weight?"
Well, truth is, I can try and motivate each of you on the importance of losing weight until I'm blue in the face. (Maybe then I would have gotten that role in Avatar!) But seriously, sure, I can motivate you. But you know who your real motivator has to be? It's someone you know...That's right, you also have to motivate yourself! And now, I'm giving you a dose of what it's gonna take to!

M: MEMORIES. Think of how you've felt in the past about your weight. You've been put down and you've felt down. You've been made fun of and I know that was no fun, was it? And be honest, you're just tired of it all, aren't you? Well, it's time to move past the bad memories and get ready to create some new happier memories for yourself by taking on losing this weight. So, where do you start? Here's where...

O: OWN UP. Yep. Own up to the mistakes you've made in the past with your eating habits and lack of exercise. Every time you reached for that burger, fries and chocolate shake, you knew what the consequences would be, didn't you? Of course you did...a weight gain. But the past is just that, in over. Everybody makes mistakes. Don't punish yourself because of the mistakes you've made in the past with your eating habits. Forgive yourself. What matters now is the now as in what you can do now, starting today, to create a happier, healthier future for yourself. Know what else you've got to do?

T: THINK! Use the miracle inside your head. That brain you have is stronger than you realize. Inside your mind, God has already placed the power you'll need to lose the weight, once and for all. He's just left it in your hands to use that power. Are you ready to use it? Remember, you are stronger than the I-can-make-you-feel-good temptations of any food! Which leads to these words...

I: I CAN DO IT! I've been telling people for nearly 40 years these four simple can do it. Now, I want you to turn those words and say them to yourself everyday. "I can do it". And you know what? YOU can! But you'll need to bring a few friends along with you on this adventure, like...

V: VEGETABLES. Yeah, and lots of fruits, too! How long have you mistreated your body with sugary snacks, greasy fried meats and processed foods that this country's food manufacturers claim we're just going to love? Oh sure, those foods lining the snack aisles of your local store may taste good. But they sure aren't doing your body any good. There are six major food groups and you should put fruits and vegetables at the top of your list. The rest: carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and fats should be eaten in moderation. Now, let's get back to you and your...

A: ATTITUDE. I don't even want to tell you how many people begin their weight-loss journeys with the best of intentions. Oh, they start out great, for the first week, but then their attitudes turn south. Before they know it, they've convinced themselves that they "just can't do it." Oh, come on! That's the most self-defeating attitude you can have. If you keep telling yourself that you "can't do it", well sure enough, you begin to believe your own words won't do it. That's why you have to recharge your attitude every morning when you get up. Believe in yourself and remember what I said under the letter "I"...I can do it! Hooray! You're on your way, your body is changing and that means you've gotta...

T: TONE. As you lose weight, you want to build those muscles of yours. Toning or strength-training will help you do that. You want to keep your body tight, toned and keep those muscles of yours big and strong as you drop that weight, one pound at a time. That's where the toning will help. One more thing: -- well actually, there are two more.

E: EAT & EXERCISE WELL! (Hey, I got two uses out of the letter "E"!) Calories in...calories out. It's a one-two punch and the formula is just so simple. Eating the wrong way is what caused you to gain those extra pounds in the first place. Now, it just makes good sense that eating the right way is going to help you lose the weight. It seems a little ironic, doesn't it? Food helped you gain weight and now food is going to help you lose it. Only now, you've got to stay focused on what you eat and how much you eat.
And I know I talked about it with the letter "T" for toning. But, there's no way around it. Any well-balanced weight-loss program is not good or well-balanced if exercise is not included in the plan. Besides three days of toning a week, you should also include three days of cardio/aerobic activity and, on the seventh day, take that body of yours for a nice long walk. Use that time to dream about the new life, the new body and the new you you're working so hard to create everyday!

M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E: remember it. I'm telling you, the motivation you need to make your weight-loss dream come true is already inside you and I want you to remember one more thing: It's not too late to make that weight-loss dream come true for yourself. It's just time!