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How Jesus Led to Hitler and Hitler Led to Ann Coulter

What more need be said? Hitler was a Christian and--correct me if I'm wrong--also a Nazi. Christianity led to Nazism. A lot of Nazis were Christians...
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If this, from D. James Kennedy (Ph.D.) and Coral Ridge Ministries:

Ann Coulter is stunned. How is it, she asks, that she could go through 12 years of public school, then college and law school, and still not know that it was Charles Darwin's theory of evolution that fueled Hitler's ovens.

"I never knew about the link between Darwin and Hitler until after reading Richard Weikart's book," said Coulter, a popular conservative columnist and a featured expert on the new Coral Ridge Hour documentary, Darwin's Deadly Legacy, which airs August 26 and 27. Hitler, she said, "was applying Darwinism. He thought the Aryans were the fittest and he was just hurrying natural selection along."

Coulter is among those who appear on Darwin's Deadly Legacy, a disturbing look at the historical impact of the theory of evolution and the shaky scientific ground on which it rests.

Then why not this, from Adolph Hitler and Mein Kampf:

Another thing that got on my nerves was the loathsome cult for France which the big press, even then, carried on. A man couldn't help feeling ashamed to be a German when he saw these saccharine hymns of praise to the 'great cultural nation.' This wretched licking of France's boots more than once made me throw down one of these 'world newspapers.' And on such occasions I sometimes picked up the Volksblatt, which, to be sure, seemed to me much smaller, but in these matters somewhat more appetizing. I was not in agreement with the sharp anti-Semitic tone, but from time to time I read arguments which gave me some food for thought.

At all events, these occasions slowly made me acquainted with the man and the movement, which in those days guided Vienna's destinies: Dr. Karl Lueger I and the Christian Social Party.

When I arrived in Vienna, I was hostile to both of them.

The man and the movement seemed 'reactionary' in my eyes.

My common sense of justice, however, forced me to change this judgment in proportion as I had occasion to become acquainted with the man and his work; and slowly my fair judgment turned to unconcealed admiration. Today, more than ever, I regard this man as the greatest German mayor of all times.

How many of my basic principles were upset by this change in my attitude toward the Christian Social movement!

My views with regard to anti-Semitism thus succumbed to the passage of time, and this was my greatest transformation of all.

I'm stunned. How could I have gone through twelve years of public school, and six years of Hebrew school, and four years of college, and two years of drum lessons, and still not know that the deadly career of the world-famous dictator, Adolph Hitler, is directly attributable to Jesus Christ?

Because it's all there: Hitler bedazzled by the Christian Social Party. His awakening to a transformative embrace of anti-Semitism. His "unconcealed admiration" for a guy who--get this--Hitler thought was "reactionary."

(And don't overlook the ahead-of-its-time foaming hatred of France. Who says our home-grown right-wing cretins have no sense of history?)

Now ask yourself to yourself as I ask you aloud:

Would there have been a Christian Social Party without Jesus? Who for centuries has been lauded as The Christ? Because isn't that where the word "Christian" comes from? As pertaining to Christ and Christianity?

By definition, no, there would not have been a Christian Social Party had Jesus not lived. Had there been no Christian Social Party, it is highly doubtful that Hitler would have encountered and admired the opinions and thought of Dr. Karl Lueger I. Nor would he have undergone his epic transformation.

Thus, no Jesus, no Hitler. No Hitler, no Nazis, no camps, no deaths of millions. Jesus, then, is responsible for the Holocaust. QED.

Okay, that much is inarguable, but still: DID Hitler lead to Ann Coulter? And if Hitler--with the swastika and the goose-stepping and the "seig heil" and the sneering--is, as he is to so many, morally objectionable, are we then forced to conclude that Coulter is similarly repellent?

I think we are--but not simply because she's a Christian. We have already established that Jesus begat Hitler, but that doesn't mean that every Christian is a Nazi. Or maybe it does, if we want it to. We're an empire now. We make our own reality just as, at home, with our own blender and yogurt and fruit, we make our own smoothies.

In any case, Coulter is a Nazi because she is a certain kind of Christian, viz., a country-conquering, leader-killing, ideology-enforcing Christian. "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity," she said about Muslim countries after 9-11, and (mutatis mutandis) could Hitler have put it any better?

But wait, let's hear from the man himself:

The greatness of Christianity did not lie in attempted negotiations for compromise with any similar philosophical opinions in the ancient world, but in its inexorable fanaticism in preaching and fighting for its own doctrine.

(Vol. I, Chapter 12).

Twenty-four years of education (primary, secondary, college, Hebrew, drum) and even I didn't know it until I performed a cursory, Find In This Page skim: Hitler, world-historical monster and embodiment of psychotic depravity and ranting, lunatic hate, was a Christian.

What more need be said? Hitler was a Christian and--correct me if I'm wrong--also a Nazi. Christianity led to Nazism. A lot of Nazis were Christians. A lot of Christians were Nazis. Coulter is a Christian just as Hitler was. She wants to invade countries (i.e., she wants others to do it for her; like every other Republican gasbag, she's outspokenly courageous and highly principled with other people's lives), kill leaders, and impose an ideology on them, sort of like Hitler did. So she's probably a Nazi, too.

It would be interesting, in a morally slummy kind of way, to ask Coulter if she believes any tenet at all of evolution, if she is a Biblical literalist and, if not, why not, and if she really thinks God exists and likes her better than He likes Darwin-loving, atheistic old me. Her answer would almost certainly be, if not an outright lie, a weasly (and, as she gets when confronted by someone with half a brain, whiny and girlishly victimized) half-truth. Microsoft Word doesn't recognize "weasly," but you know what I mean.

Interestingly, the above Christ-Hitler-Coulter argument is entirely specious and violates every principle of logic, fairness, and basic intellectual honesty. Isn't it great? Or, if not great, then "provocative." Or "outrageous." Oh, maybe it "goes too far," but it's all "part of the national conversation."

Anyone with basic writing skills, a word processor, and a black hole in the center of their integrity, can grind this stuff out like so much tainted bratwurst, happy in the knowledge that there will be hundreds of thousands of passionate idiots waiting, not only to buy it (which is all one asks), but to read it, like it, and--here's the unfunny funny part--agree with it. You can, too!

And then you can go on the Today Show, where Matt Lauer will mount feeble challenges as you assert lies--sorry; opinions--of which Hitler would be proud. Afterwards, Matt will plug your book and say it was "fun."

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