What Parents Fighting Looks Like Through Their Child's Eyes (VIDEO)


After three years of marriage, Nikki and Mark are living in turmoil. “Mark and I fight and argue daily,” says Nikki, who claims Mark is violent with her and physically abusive. “It’s a chaotic home.”

Mark, who admits he hit Nikki once, says, “I am not an abuser. My wife will nag, push me and slap me. She has punched me.”

The couple's drama often unfolds in front of their 3-year-old daughter. Mark claims Nikki drags her into their dysfunction. He says, “My wife tells my little girl, ‘Daddy doesn’t love you anymore. Daddy doesn’t care about you.’”

Watch the video to see how Mark and Nikki's daughter mirrors their behavior, and Dr. Phil’s reaction. “Shame on both of you,” he says.

On his show Friday, Dr. Phil steps in to calm the chaos, and offer advice for protecting their children and moving forward. Watch more from this show.