Moms' Hilarious Video Sums Up How Kids Feel About Getting New Siblings

"Can't we send it back?"

The moms collectively known as The BreakWomb on YouTube channeled their inner kids for a comical take on how toddlers really feel about new siblings.

In a new video, the three mamas dressed up like kids and pretended to lament the arrival of a new baby in the house. To them, the new addition is too loud, cries too much and just doesn’t have enough hair. Sure, they might have asked for a little sibling before, but now that there actually is one, the game has changed.

“I know I used to bug you all the time saying I wanted a little brother or sister, but that’s a thing I do,” one of the pretend toddlers said. “It’s like this morning when I asked you for your cereal and you gave it to me and I dumped it on the floor.”

Too real.

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